The new Alienware 27 and Alienware 25 both include a built-in headphone rack for a seamless, less-cluttered desk arrangement, and Alienware is today revealing its brand-new gaming monitor alternatives to accompany its latest ultrawide models. Although a built-in headphone hanger may seem like a little touch, it is unquestionably the most notable. Simply because you don’t often see things like that. This does not imply that there are no other displays with comparable design elements. But it is not typical.

However, there are many other features on both new monitors that are worth mentioning. Each one, for instance, has a lightning-fast refresh rate. As long as your PC has the necessary performance, you can be sure to experience gaming graphics that are as smooth as butter. A new monitor stand for the Alienware 25 is also available, and it has a newly redesigned hexagonal shape that is intended to take up less desk space. allowing you to have extra space for anything else that could require a surface.

The Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor emphasizes practicality and beauty.

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor 2
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Advertisement There are many attractive gaming monitors available. But how many of them make an effort to balance form and function in a more sensible way? More likely than you might imagine. The Alienware 27 and 25 approach this in comparable ways. Both monitors offer a retractable headphone hook, however only the 25 has a more room-saving hexagonal stand.

The hanger slides out from the left side of the monitor when you aren’t wearing your headphones. maintaining the classic, clean design of Legend 2.0. Additionally, the hanger glides back into the nook when you are wearing your headphones. You might believe that a hanger would work better on the monitor’s back. where the gaming display is not immediately across from the location of the headphones. However, Alienware claims that having the retractable hanger on the side has both functional and Design ID benefits.

The hanging would require you to turn around to reach your headphones. And doing that might not be the simplest or most comfortable thing to do, depending on the depth of your desk. less useful, if that makes sense. Not to mention that if your display is mounted to a monitor arm that is close to the wall or is wall-mounted, it would be practically hard to utilize a hanger on the back. You can eliminate a headphone stand by using the hanger, which is another factor to take into account. Overall, a very wise design decision.


Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor 2
Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor 1

If you like smaller monitors, either of them will probably give you a fluid and satisfying gaming experience. A 360Hz variable refresh rate is available on the Alienware 25. (only available when using DisplayPort 1.4). In addition, Alienware asserts that its 0.5ms GtG reaction rate with FreeSync off is insanely quick. Additionally, it has a 400 cd/m2 peak brightness, an FHD IPS panel, and 99% sRGB color coverage.

On the other side, the Alienware 27 provides a 280Hz refresh rate. However, doing so necessitates the use of overclocking and DisplayPort 1.4. The natural refresh rate is 240Hz without overclocking, and with HDMI 2.0, you can reach up to 144Hz. Along with DisplayHDR 600 and NVIDIA G-Sync, the monitor has a QHD resolution. The new 25-inch display from Alienware is available for $449.99 in the Dark Side of the Moon colorway on September 7 . On October 6, the Alienware 27 will go on sale for $649.99 in the Lunar Light colorway.


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