Google recently transferred Android 13 to AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Therefore, the update is about to start spreading to Pixel smartphones. According to Google, the Pixel will begin receiving the update today. Google claims that the update will begin rolling out to your preferred Samsung Galaxy, ASUS, HMD Global/Nokia, iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi, and other smartphones later this year.

This is significant because it marks the earliest release of an Android version in a long time. Android 12 was released last year in October as opposed to the past few years when it was released shortly after Labor Day. This must imply that there aren’t many bugs, which is good to hear. Given how rife with bugs the Pixel 6 series was when it debuted last autumn.

WHAT MEANS FOR USERS DOES THIS MEAN? For the majority of people, Google moving Android 13 to AOSP is essentially meaningless. In essence, it means that Android 13 is finished, and users of non-Google services can download and utilize the new code. Like Amazon, which utilizes a different version of Android than what is found on your Pixel or Galaxy mobile for their Fire tablets.

Advertisement This is so that everyone can use Android, which is open-source and cost-free. Users of Google services who have participated in the beta testing and have been approved for Google Mobile Services (GMS) receive this code early (a number of non-Pixel devices had beta versions of Android 13 available). One of the main benefits of having GMS on your devices is that.

With the exception of the fact that Android 13 is finished and about to roll out, this doesn’t mean anything to customers. In a few hours or less for Pixel devices.


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