With Android 12 and the company’s Nothing OS on top, the Nothing Phone (1) was released. Although Android 13 has been promised for the gadget, no release date was provided. In any case, Carl Peis’ most recent tweet is worrying and leads us to believe that the Android 13 upgrade for the Nothing Phone (1) is not imminent.

The Android 13 update for the Nothing Phone (1) may not be imminent. On Twitter, Carl Pei was Nicolas Lellouche’s responding . He works with Numerama as a journalist. When will Android 13 for the Nothing Phone launch, he tweeted Carl Pei (1).

Carl Pei, who didn’t appear amused, stated, “A product is more than just its specifications, features, and version numbers.” His remarks are correct, yet he utterly disregarded the inquiry.

Advertisement Really, it doesn’t matter what this means. Perhaps Android 13 will soon be available for the gadget. However, we believe Carl’s response would be significantly altered if that were the case.

When they have bad news to report, officials frequently dismiss questions and provide sarcastic responses. At least in the past, we have observed that. We’ll have to wait to find out if that holds true in this instance.

Nothing is a brand-new, small business, therefore persistence could be needed. The corporation should be understood if Android 13 isn’t released for the Nothing Phone (1) very soon. This is Nothing’s first smartphone, and the firm is still rather young. Nothing’s team is considerably smaller than Samsung’s, OPPO’s, OnePlus’, and other companies’ teams, and it takes time to customize a new version of Android for a certain device.

Advertisement About a week ago, Google began distributing Android 13 for Pixel phones, and it is anticipated that more OEMs will follow suit soon. Samsung is most likely going to be among the first, and OnePlus typically performs well. Some other businesses also do. Let’s see.


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