What makes you a genius? Is it your encyclopedic knowledge, political acumen, high IQ, or the way you perceive the world? Everyone is talented in one or more professions; for example, some people excel in mathematics while others excel in art. The list of top films on absolute geniuses in the article below is what we came up with to present you to these people. There is a lot to enjoy in movies. Any motivation, information, amusement, inspiration, or even moral lessons. Personally, I enjoy seeing comedic and action films, but the first time I saw Gifted, I was truly blown away. Since then, I’ve also enjoyed watching motivational films.

We share with you the top motion pictures about true geniuses. Gifted, X-Y, Goodwill Hunting, Hidden Figures, Two Idiots, Frida, Iron Man, Kingkong, The Big Short, and Rain Man are a few of these. The article below has a full synopsis of these films.

You can discover all the information on these movies, including their IMDb ratings, here. Continue reading to learn more.
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The genuine story that inspired this film is presented in The 6 Must-watch Movies That’ll Remain Frozen in Time 27 BEST MOVIES ABOUT ABSOLUTE GENIUSES GIFTED. The film’s director is Marc Webb. This is a lovely tale about a brilliant young girl who is seven years old. The custody dispute over this young girl between her maternal grandmother and her maternal uncle is depicted in the movie. Discover who gets custody of the child and what happens next.

Ratings on IMDb: 7.6/10
Dramatic/comedic drama
Chris Evans is the lead.
Duncan, Lindsay
Kenneth Grace
Mrs. Slate
Odette Spencer

The book Beautiful Young Minds had an impact on this film, X Y. This is the tale of Nathan, a young man with a remarkable passion for numbers. Although he has trouble understanding people, he enjoys playing with numbers. After representing the International Mathematical Olympiad in the United Kingdom, this young mind is faced with new problems in life. Learn about the suffering and anguish he endured in the past and how he dealt with it recently.

Ratings on IMDb: 7.1/10
Drama/romance as a genre
Asa Butterfield is a leading man.
Raphael Spall
Hawkins, Sally
Edward Marsan
Yang, Jo

The narrative of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan is told in the film adaptation of Robert Kanigel’s book of the same name. The challenges of Srinivasa, a young guy from a low-income family who works hard to gain admission to Cambridge University, are depicted in this movie.

Ratings on IMDb: 7.2/10
Type: Drama
Dev Patel is a star.
Deborah Bhise
Jones, Toby
Richard Irons
Theodore Fry
Robert McNally
Cilenti, Enzo
Nag, Arundhati
Mr. Dhritiman Chatterjee

This film, GOOD WILL HUNTING, is inspirational and highly moving. Imagine having a terrible upbringing in which you were treated cruelly simply for existing. Yes, it is heartbreaking. This film depicts a similar tale of a boy who struggles to trust everyone around him due to painful childhood memories. Despite having had a difficult upbringing, he exhibits extraordinary mathematical aptitude, answering problems in a fraction of the time that would normally take someone his age.

Ratings on IMDb: 8.3/10
Drama/romance is the genre.
Robin Williams is a leading man.
Tom Damon


Skarsgard, Stellan
Toby Driver

Women are HIDDEN FIGURES of Power! This film is an adaptation of Margot Lee Shetterly’s book of the same name. This film shows how strong, tenacious, and intelligent women can be. NASA employed three African American female mathematicians (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). These three women persevered in the face of several rejections and forms of discrimination at work and were crucial to the ascent of astronaut John Glenn into orbit.

Ratings on IMDb: 7.8/10
Drama/history is the genre.
Taraji P. Henson is the star.
By Janelle Monae
Costner, Kevin
Akira Dunst
Parsons, Jim

This Indian film, 3 IDIOTS, features brilliant minds and is quite inspirational. This film’s plot centers on the lives of three engineering students who have varied hobbies and outlooks. Rancho has a special personality who enjoys studying and likes machines, Frahan is passionate about photography and is forced to pursue engineering by his father, and Raju, who comes from a low-income household, thinks that getting an engineering degree will improve his life and financial situation. Observe how circumstances work for and against people to impart greater life lessons.

Ratings on IMDb: 8.4/10
Comedy/romance is the genre.
Amir Khan is the star.
Singh Joshi
Ms. Kareena Kapoor
Iranian Boman
Vaidya Omi

Teenagers will identify with the plot of this film, Bad Genius. This is the tale of a student who, by using his intelligence, creates a superb exam-cheating scheme that becomes a global phenomenon. Exam scenarios from real life served as inspiration for this film. Both the audience and the critics greatly praise the plot because it is so captivating.

thriller/heist genre
The Chutimon cast
Santinatornkul Chanon

THEORY OF EVERYTHING Imagine being a top student and learning all of a sudden that you only have two years left to live. This is the tale of a brilliant astrophysics student who discovers that he has motor-neuron, a fatal disease in which the neurons in our brain and spinal cord are not coordinated and exhibit incorrect functioning.

Ratings on IMDb: 7.7/10
Eddie Redmayne is the lead actor.
Jennifer Jones
Emerson Watson
Chuck Cox
Peter McBurney
Thewlis, David
Peake, Maxine

This tale concerns a man by the name of John Nash. He had schizophrenia, a condition that causes delusions, hallucinations, strange behavior, and inaction. After he accepts responsibility for the proposal put forth by William Parcher, his life experiences significant turns and twists. Watch this true story to learn more about the swinging graph of his life.

Ratings on IMDb: 8.2/10
Russell Crowe is the lead actor.
Connelly, Jennifer
Bettany, Paul
Harris, Ed
Donald Hirsch

The biographical film FRIDA sheds light on the personal and professional lives of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. This film was nominated for an Oscar and won numerous honors, including the Best Original Score and Best Makeup categories. This film is about a passionate, flirtatious, and politically motivated woman who engages in multiple affairs simultaneously. Watch how she is treated in the long term by her life.

Ratings on IMDb: 7.4/10
Dramatic or Melodramatic
Salma Hayek is the star.
lvaro Molina
Golino, Valeria
Maestro Mia
Theodore Rush

AT ETERNITYS GATE In 2018, this film was released. Two biographers, Gregory White and Steven Naifeh, attempt to speculate on the full circumstances surrounding this murder, which is depicted as a suicide. Julian Schnabel is the film’s director. This movie garnered numerous honors, including the Volpi Cup for outstanding actor, the Academy Prizes, and film festival awards. It also won the best motion picture drama award.

IMDb user reviews: 6.9/10

Willem Dafoe is the lead actor.
Richard Friend
Mikkelsen, Mads
Isaac, Oscar
Amalric Mathieu
Eleanor Seigner

THE SOCIAL NETWORK This is the tale of Mark Zuckerberg, the man who founded Facebook. This film tells the tale of how Eduardo helped Mark Zukerberg create the social networking site Facebook. So many prosperous people have shared this journey with him. To learn how a strong will may bring about changes in life, watch this movie.

With Jesse Eisenberg in the lead
Theodore Roosevelt
Timberlake, Justin
Minghella, Max
Theo Hammer

THE IMITATION GAME This movie is based on Andrew Hodges’ biography Alan Turing: The Engima. This tech-based film makes you question whether machines are capable of thinking similarly to humans. In order to decipher the German Engima codes, Alan Turning joins a team that specializes in cybersecurity. In this cryptography team, he is accompanied by other mathematicians as well.

IMDb evaluations: 8/10

Genre: Drama/War
Benedict Cumberbatch is the lead.
Princess Knightley
Michael Goode
Rylee Kinnear
John Strong
Dance, Charles

Adam McKay is the director of THE BIG SHORT, a film that has received numerous prizes in addition to the Oscar. In the film, a group of investors investigates the US market’s advertising tactics. These investors wager on the mortgage market, which is a type of loan for the selling and purchase of real estate. They learn during this procedure that there is a lot of fraud and corruption going on.

With Christian Bale in the lead
Stephen Carey
Gosling, Ryan
Robert Pitt

Who doesn’t recall the roar of King Kong? Peter Jackson is the director of this film. The plot of this movie centers on a filmmaker who wants to explore an island in order to capture some of the best and most authentic images. He and his crew travel to Skull Island, an island known for its mysteries and danger, where they manage to capture the giant creature known as Kong and transport him to New York. The movie is so action-packed that you won’t get bored. It has won numerous awards and received positive reviews from critics.

Fantasy/Adventure is the genre.
Naomi Watts is the lead.
Black, Jack
Brendan Brody
Kretschmann, Thomas
C.J. Hanks

Ah, IRON MAN If you were looking for some superhero action and adventure movie, then what better than this. Tony Stark, develops a hi-tech armoured suit when he gets captured by some mean industrialists. He successfully manages to get out of their captivity. After that, he decides to use the suit to protect the world from evi.

Ratings on IMDb: 7.9/10
Science fiction and action
Robert Downey Jr. is the lead.
Timothy Howard
Bridges, Jeff
Scott Toub
W. H. Paltrow

AMADEUS Jealousy and envy are negative emotions that only cause chaos and misery. This tale has a plot that is comparable. The plot of this film depicts the conflict between Mozart and Italian composer Antonio Salieri. The box broke records and became popular.

Drama/musical genre
Featuring F. Murray
Hulce, Tom
Judith Berridge
Dotrice, Roy
C. E. Ebersole
Jonathan Jones
Chuck Kay

The protagonist of this narrative, Josh, is a naturally gifted chess player. Josh is a young boy who enjoys playing football, but his father eventually notices that he has incredible potential for the game of chess and pushes him to pursue it. This is an inspiring film. Watch this youngster, who possesses remarkable talent, play like a genius in the film.

Drama/Docudrama as a genre
Joe Mantegna is the lead actor.
John Fishburne
Allen, Joan
Pomeranc, Max
Kingley, Ben

People at SHINE are incredibly talented and gifted in a variety of areas. They can live so well if given the correct guidance and assistance. This is the tale of young David Helfgott, a talented pianist. His father frequently mistreated him as a child, which contributed to his mental breakdown. Despite this, he overcame it and went on to become a great legend.

With Armin Mueller-Stahl in the lead
Taylor, Noah
Redgrave, Lynn
Gielgud, John

This Satoshi Kon-directed animated film, titled MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, is loosely based on the lives of two actresses, Hideko Takamine and Setsuko Hara. The realities and the lifestyles of the actors are openly exposed in the film. You will learn the true story behind each actor’s on- and off-screen persona.

Fantasy Drama is a genre.
Miyoko Shoji is a leading lady.
Koyama Mami
Susumu Orikasa
Toshiko Tsuda
Lizuka Shozo

STEVE JOBS Danny Boyle is the film’s director. The main character of the story is a businessman named Steve Jobs. He is a well-known figure in marketing and business, but he experiences personal and professional setbacks as a result of certain issues. This movie has won numerous prestigious awards and recognitions, including the Golden Glove Award for Best Screenplay and Academy Awards.

With Michael Fassbender as the lead
Winslet, Kate
Rogen, Seth
David Daniels

THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS This is the narrative of three siblings who are each equally gifted and skilled, but who frequently live apart for various reasons. After learning of their father’s poor health and possible impending death, they were forced to reconcile at last. This film features a serious storyline in addition to plenty of comedy and drama.

Drama/comedy genre
Danny Glover is the lead actor.
Hackman, Gene
Murray, Bill
Jennifer Hudson

This film, THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY, is based on the real-life experiences of a French Journalist. The only way he can communicate, as no other part of his body is still functional after the stroke, is through his left eye. Learn more about the difficulties he faces in life by watching the movie. He suffers a stroke and becomes paralyzed for the rest of his life.

With Mathieu Amalric in the lead
Josee Marie Croze
Consigny, Anne
Maximum von Sydow
The Smell of a Woman
IMDb score

RAIN MAN This is a fantastic road drama film starring Tom Cruise as Charlie Babbitt, who is portrayed as a self-centered and cruel wheeler-dealer. His multimillionaire father passed away leaving his other son with all of his money. Charlie kidnaps his brother and demands that he give him the entire estate.

Drama/melodrama as a genre
the actor Dustin Hoffman
Tim Burton
I smell a woman

This is the tale of a desperate college student who will do anything for money. He accepts the position of caretaker for a retired army lieutenant colonel who is blind and has his own agenda.

Drama/coming-of-age is the genre.
the actor Al Pacino
ODonnell, Chris
I’ll Catch You If I Can

This film is directed by Steven Spielberg and is about a man who utilizes various schemes to commit fraud and earn a substantial sum of money. This man mastered the art of fraud to the point where the FBI engaged him to assist them in locating forgers. The audience gave this film overwhelmingly favorable reviews, both critically and monetarily.

Ratings on IMDb: 8.1/10
Genre: Drama/Crime
Leonardo DiCaprio is the lead actor.
Hanks, Tom
Robert Patrick Walken
Judith Baye
Robert Sheen

A schoolteacher helps her deal with this situation and saves her from the bad behavior of her Principal in this family-friendly fantasy comedy about a girl named Matilda Wormwood. She uses her unusual brain powers to survive the oppression, ruthlessness, and trauma provided by her family and her Principal.

Family-friendly comedy
the actor Danny DeVito
Perlman, Rhea
Debra Ferris
Davidtz, Embeth
Wison, Mara

Conclusion Each of the aforementioned films contains a variety of valuable life lessons. Do watch them to learn how to bravely confront the harsh facts of life, just like the fictitious characters in these films did. I hope this is the place where your hunt for the top genius movies ends. Make sure you are viewing something worthwhile because movies are excellent teachers. Until then, stay inspired and upbeat.


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