As many of you are aware, LG no longer manufactures phones. However, the business did have some intriguing plans, like the release of a rollable smartphone before it announced its closure. In any case, Evan Blass recently shared some 7-year-old artwork that illustrates LG’s concepts for foldable gadgets.

ARTWORK APPEARS ON 7-YEAR-OLD LG FOLDABLE DEVICES According to the tip, the technology at the time made posting these photographs look too futuristic. This technology was undoubtedly cutting edge for the time because foldables were nonexistent.

Looking at these pictures now, LG was definitely on the correct road. All of the photos Evan Blass shared are available to view in the gallery below the article.

Advertisement Here, you can see two clamshell phones as well as what appears to be a foldable tablet in a brown casing. Additionally, some intriguing huge tablets and laptops are displayed.

Another reason we miss LG is that it was one of those businesses that enjoyed experimenting with novel form factors. The LG Wing was undoubtedly a fascinating gadget and a superb illustration of the idea.

The rollable smartphone from the startup attracted a lot of interest. It was anticipated the product would become the first rollable smartphone to be sold commercially. Although OPPO did advertise a rollable phone, it was only ever released as a functioning prototype.

Advertisement A ROLLABLE SMARTPHONE THAT WILL BE SOLD IN STORES IS ON THE WAY But if stories are to be believed, the first rollable smartphone to be sold commercially is on the way. As OPPO is expected to be among the first to deploy it, the majority of them estimate that we will have it next year.

Smartphones that roll up are anticipated to compete directly with their foldable counterparts. These gadgets are anticipated to be lighter, thinner, and without a display crease than foldables.

Who will deliver one first is still up in the air. However, it appears like OPPO and Samsung are the front-runners.

Old foldable devices artwork image 1
Old foldable devices artwork image 2
Old foldable devices artwork image 3
Old foldable devices artwork image 4


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