The winner of Google’s current Pixel wallpaper competition will receive a free Pixel 6. Please be aware that this competition is market-locked in a number of markets. You must be a citizen of Australia, Canada (Quebec excluded), Japan, Taiwan, the UK, or the US to take part.

A PIXEL 6 WILL BE AWARDED BY GOOGLE TO THE WINNER OF ITS PIXEL WALLPAPER CONTEST. You are welcome to take part if you are. All that’s left to do is design and submit a Pixel 6 wallpaper. The front-facing camera must be centered in the background. To help you know what you’re working with, Google has provided a template.

According to the business, each wallpaper design created using the template must highlight and cover up the Google Pixel 6’s front-facing camera (Wallpaper Design). If the Wallpaper Design fits with the Submission Guidelines, your original artwork or photographs may be included in the wallpaper design.

Advertisement THE COMPANY SET OUT SOME RULES AND PROVIDED A TEMPLATE. Currently, the template itself is shown below this text, but you ought to use the PNG version from this link . Google has underlined four points in relation to the submission guidelines. Please be aware that this wallpaper may be live photography or an illustration before we get to those.


THE FOUR CRITERIA GOOGLE OUTLINED FOR PARTICIPANTS ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1. Including the 30% front-facing camera from the Google Pixel 6; 2. Whether the wallpaper is suitable for usage on Google Pixel 6 Home Screens (20%) (for instance, does it consider applications or hide the status bar, application shelf, date, time, and weather on the Google Pixel 6); 3. Brand Appropriateness (20%); 4. Overall Space Use (20%); and 5. Brand Appropriateness (for instance, using Google’s colors in the wallpaper design).

Advertisement According to Google, strictly adhering to those guidelines will boost your chances of winning the Pixel 6. If you win, you’ll also receive a phone case made by Google.

There will only be one winner announced. Just to be clear, Google will not, under any circumstances, provide one Pixel 6 to the winner from each of the above nations. For all participating nations together, there is just one reward and one winner.

Please be aware that the deadline for submissions is August 23 at 11:59 PM PST. You must submit your wallpaper via this Google Form and by emailing it to {email protected}. You must once more carry out both.

Advertisement At 11:59 PM EST on or around September 9, 2022, Google will reveal the winner. You can review the complete terms and conditions by using clicking here .


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