People who are concerned about their health prefer to monitor their figures, which is where services like Fitbit and Google Fit come in. Although both of these are fully linked into the Google ecosystem, the corporation has the ability to go even further. On the second-generation Nest Hub displays, Fitbit and Google Fit can now display stats.

Google has been working on this for quite some time. On a smart display, some consumers want to be able to see their health statistics. It’s a simple technique to quickly gain insight into their figures. Both their watches and their phones aren’t always by their sides.

ON NEST HUB DISPLAYS, FITBIT AND GOOGLE FIT WILL SHOW STATS This appears to be available exclusively for the second-generation Google Nest Hubs as of now. 9to5Google predicts that this feature will ultimately appear on the Nest Hub Max and other smart displays.

Advertisement The statistics will be displayed in your Wellness tab as well as your Morning, Afternoon, and Evening tabs. You’ll most likely see three cards when you open up these tabs. Your daily steps, calories, and workout days will be listed here. Depending on variables like the time of day, the information could change.

You can tap on any of the cards to learn more in-depth information. By doing this, a weekly progress chart will appear. So it’s a terrific approach to quickly gain insight into your present financial situation.

This might only be accessible at the moment for Nest Hub devices participating in the preview program. Additionally, it must be running firmware version 1.56.299498. Therefore, if you aren’t, you might have to wait until this feature is made available to everyone. You must keep an eye on that because we are unsure of when or if that will occur.


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