Google released ChromeOS 106 on the developer channel last week. The updated version discloses, among other things, that the business is getting ready to deploy its RSS feed reader to ChromeOS and the Chrome desktop browser. The public release date for this feature is currently undetermined, though.

In October of last year, Google launched an RSS feed reader to its Chrome browser. You can follow websites to receive a feed of their most recent articles that is automatically updated. Users of Android devices were the first to have access to the functionality, but the business vowed to make it available on iOS devices as well as the desktop client. As promised, Google soon made the RSS feed reader available to Chrome users with iPhones.

On the desktop version of the browser, the feature is still absent. But now, the wait might not be so long. People at About Chromebooks discussed the spotted code’s relation to the ChromeOS 106 Dev Channel’s RSS feed reader. The article may possibly include a partially functional user interface for the functionality, which would indicate that Google has advanced the project considerably.

Advertisement Users would be able to follow websites through the context menu, according to the new study (right-click). Above the Send to your devices option, the menu now includes a new Follow site option. If you choose this, Chrome will give you a feed of all upcoming items that the website publishes. Google is creating a feed-specific in-window panel. Although it is currently not functional, it is visible on the side.

Both the Chrome desktop browser and the RSS feed reader for ChromeOS are still under development, so they may undergo changes before becoming live. On mobile apps, the feed appears on the New Tab screen, and the Follow button is located under the three-dot menu.

THE CHROME DESKTOP CLIENT WILL GET GOOGLES RSS FEED READER SOON. This function was referred to as a web feed in the code included in the ChromeOS 106 Dev Channel. The Director of Engineering for Chrome, Adrienne Porter Felt, was contacted by About Chromebooks to confirm that the RSS feed reader is the same one that is already accessible on Chrome mobile browsers. She acknowledged that but added that the function can also retrieve corpus content from websites that accept RSS.

Advertisement Adrienne claimed there was still time for the desktop launch. She claimed that the business is attempting to enhance the mobile version. After that, Chrome desktop users will start seeing the RSS feed reader. If and when the rollout starts, we’ll let you know.


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