Technizo Concept has unveiled a brand-new smartphone concept, and this time it’s the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The designer made the choice to imagine Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

THE BACK OF THIS GALAXY S23 ULTRA CONCEPT HAS A MASSIVE SENSOR. Through a YouTube video and some additional photographs, he revealed his most recent vision. The gallery and linked video are both located directly below the article, so you can check out all of those there.

Despite that, you’ll note that the phone’s front does mirror that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It has a curved display, a camera hole in the center of the screen, and incredibly small bezels. But the rear tells a different tale.

Advertisement This camera’s entire rear arrangement appears to be different. The nearest camera is located in the top-left corner of the phone’s back and has a whopping 200 megapixels. Two cameras are positioned to the right and one is below it.

Given that this is only a concept design, he doesn’t precisely go into specs, which is understandable. He does add that the 200-megapixel camera he imagined is manufactured by Samsung, so of course it has an ISOCELL sensor.

In the video, Samsung’s S Pen Style is also displayed. The phone’s top and bottom sides are flat, which is also very reminiscent of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. You’ll also see a S Pen stylus in the stuff that’s been provided. Additionally, the phone’s bottom-left corner houses a S Pen silo.

Advertisement However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s release date is still quite some time off. We still have a while to wait for this phone because it won’t be out until Q1 2023. Naturally, as we draw closer to next year, the Galaxy S23 series leaks will increase. There are ideas like these that can amuse us as we wait for those leaks to appear.


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