The newest mid-range device from Google won’t be available in stores until July 28, more than two months after the introduction at I/O 2022. The Google Pixel 6a has received another unpacking up until that point, this time with the phone openly shown.

GOOGLE PIXEL 6A UNBOXING IN SECOND This unpacking is from TikTok when compared to the official, since removed, Google video. Four Pixel 6a units are really shown in their retail packaging, however they are once again Charcoal models rather than the intriguing Sage model.

Although we can see that the protective film labels important hardware components like the SIM card slot, USB-C connector, under-display fingerprint sensor, volume rocker, and power button, there isn’t much to notice. On the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, there is nothing but white space. This is concerning because the box containing the paperwork and the SIM removal tool prominently displays Google Tensor branding, along with a graphical chip image.

The thicker sides are visible from one perspective, but the Camera Bar’s height appears to be rather small. A different image demonstrates the 3D thermoformed composite back’s shine. When the Pixel 6a is on the white Google boot screen, the final thing to observe is the screen bezels.

LAUNCH DATE FOR PIXEL 6A Despite the device’s May 11 announcement, the Pixel 6a retail box initially appeared online on March 31. The official release date is July 28, however shipments may come earlier. Pre-orders begin on July 21.

For reference, the Pixel 5a was unveiled on August 17 of last year but released on August 26. There were 17 days between the Pixel 4a launch and August 2020.

The continued supply chain difficulties are most likely to blame for the lengthy delay. That is understandable, especially if Google intends to launch products simultaneously in all major markets or even merely to ensure that there are enough units and there are no supply shortages in the first few weeks.

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is the Pixel 6a available?
Another explanation is that the firm intends to debut the 6a and Pixel Buds Pro simultaneously, despite the new headphones having received less advance publicity.
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