Companies must obtain approval from regulatory bodies like the FCC in the US and groups like the Bluetooth Special Interest Group before releasing a device (SIG). New Fossil products have recently entered both of these markets, igniting speculation about the company’s upcoming Gen 7 Wear OS watches. These new timepieces aren’t intended to be that, though.

With each of its fashion brands, like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Diesel, creating a suitable version of a high-end smartwatch, Fossil Group is without a doubt one of the most prolific manufacturers of Wear OS devices today. The Gen 6 series of Fossil smartwatches, which debuted with the Snapdragon Wear 4100, are expected to be some of the only watches that can be upgraded to Wear OS 3.

Every year, Fossil develops a new generation of smartwatches, which is frequently released in August. That timing suggests that we won’t be surprised to start hearing rumors regarding the Fossil Gen 7 Wear OS watches in the near future.

Fossil received FCC certification for two new watches, models DW14 and DW15 , in late April. Each of these watches was further segmented into models F1 and S1. Despite the fact that the FCC won’t release images of the new watches until later this month, there are already enough hints to figure out what we’re looking at.

We can see in one document an illustration of how the menus for smartwatches will display the regulatory data that the FCC requires. Keep in mind that the home and back buttons on the screen are not the same as those on Wear OS. Instead, other from the button placements, the displayed page appears to be very identical to where youll find the FCC eLabel on the Fossils range of Hybrid HR smartwatches.


Recently, these same alleged Fossil Gen 7 watches received an arrived for approval from the Bluetooth SIG, providing additional details. To begin with, there is no indication that these watches are powered by Wear OS; instead, a reference to Cordio, Bluetooth software for low-power devices, is there.

Similar to that, we discover an Apollo3 Blue series processor from an Ambiq in place of a mention of a Snapdragon Wear chip. Because of their ultra-low power architecture, these processors are insufficient for Wear OS.

When you put everything together, it’s very obvious that you’re looking at a new line of Fossil Hybrid HR watches and not the newest, most stylish Wear OS options. Because of this, we currently know very little about any adjustments or enhancements that Fossil plans to make to its Gen 7 Wear OS watches.

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