According to a Twitter thread posted this morning, Wales aims to develop WT.Social into a fully-fledged social media network that does away with the algorithm and will instead “rank based on trust.” It describes itself as “The non-toxic social network,” according to WT.Social’s homepage .

Essentially, WT.Social will rank material depending on which accounts the consumers trust, as opposed to relying on an algorithm designed to make you scroll forever. It won’t be flawless, and I’m sure we’ll have to make adjustments along the road, but it has to be better than this hellsite, right?, said According to Wales . An totally trust-based social media site might have drawbacks of its own, but it might also be a step in the right direction. Wales claims that a “completely rebuilt” version of the app will go live at some time in the near future, with this new trust-based rating system at its core.

Whether or not WT.Social will defeat Twitter and turn into a safe haven for people trying to elude Musk’s tutelage will be determined in the future. It’s only a matter of time before a strong rival enters the market to fill the void left by Twitter users who are considering leaving. Whatever the future site is, it will probably have a number of growing pains.


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