Installing note-taking apps on your smartphone is a very smart move. Most of you carry your smartphone around with you at all times. Therefore, you can always make a note or something similar if you need to. However, you’ll need a note-taking software in order to achieve that. That’s why we’re here, and to help you check them out, we’ve compiled a list of the best Android note-taking applications.

There’s a good chance that your phone already has a note-taking app. However, those default applications aren’t always the greatest. Either you won’t like it or there is no online backup. There are several solutions available in the Google Play Store if that is the case. Although there are many more note-taking apps in the Play Store, we’ve highlighted our top ten favorites below.

Please be aware that these apps are not presented in any particular sequence. In order to serve as many of you as possible, we also tried our best to include a variety of different apps on this list. There are also really straightforward note-taking apps available, which is what most people prefer. Additionally, you can discover note-taking apps that are somewhat excessive and jam-packed with functionality. If you’re intrigued, keep reading.

Advertisement Top 10 Android Note-Taking Apps for 2022 The top 10 Android note-taking apps for 2022 are shown below in brief, along with any download or in-app purchase prices.

Cost of Download In-app fees (per item) Evernote, Google Keep, ColorNote, and others Sticky Notes, Microsoft OneNote, $1–$99.99 $0.99-$2.99 Squid ✕ $1 to $10 BlackNote $2.99 for a BasicNote NOTEBOOK, $2.99 Notepad, $1.99–$24.99 $3.99 2022 Downloads of the TOP 10 BEST NOTE-TAKING ANDROID APPS A brief description of each app is provided below, along with a direct download link.

The app’s Google Play Store listing can be reached via all download sources. Downloading programs from Google Play or another authorized app store is always advised for users.

Advertisement BING KEEP

Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.3 out of 5 For the majority of Google users, the Google Keep app is definitely the best option. As long as you use your Google account, it doesn’t matter if you use Android or iOS. You won’t need to worry about anything because this program will save a backup of every one of your notes in the cloud. There are numerous other reasons why the app is highly interesting. That is true of both its layout and the features it provides.

The flat UI of this app is incredibly attractive. It offers both light and dark themes and adheres to the most recent Google specifications. The primary screen of the app is set up such that you can see a number of cards with your notes written on them. Your choice of layout and the amount of your notes will determine the size of those cards. Here, you may set up to-do lists, save pictures, voice memos, and more.

Advertisement COLORNOTE

Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.8 out of 5 stars This program is ideal for color-coding enthusiasts. Keeping track of stuff is definitely made simpler by color coding. ColorNote is all about color coding while also being straightforward. There is a good reason why this software has been available for so long. The app’s pretty simple and yet extremely functional. Its UI hasn’t changed in a long time, and that’s not exactly a problem.

Advertisement Additionally, this app includes several helpful widgets that make keeping track of your notes even simpler. You can attach small sticky notes on your home screen, or choose some larger widgets. You can lock your notes with a password or conduct a broad app search to find a specific item in your notes. This program is simple to use, but it does offer quite a few capabilities under the surface.


Cost: No cost to download From $1 to $99.99 in in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.4 out of 5 One of the top note-taking apps for businesses is Evernote. This app has also been available for a while and has become rather well-known. Since it isn’t overloaded with features, it began tiny and gradually expanded quite a bit. This tool allows you to make agendas, manage business plans, keep journals current, and take notes and memos. As a feature of this app’s company portfolio, you can distribute those notes to your team.

Advertisement The tool is excellent for other things as well, including marking documents during team meetings. It functions as a more basic note-taking software as well, so you may use it for your personal items as well. To your notes, you can also attach documents, PDFs, images, and audio files. There is a Premium subscription option that offers several benefits. It allows you to save emails to Evernote, gives you 10GB of fresh uploads each month, and more.


Advertisement Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 In general, Microsoft OneNote is a fantastic note-taking program, but Microsoft fans in particular find it appealing. It seamlessly combines with the other services offered by the business. Please be aware that using this app requires a Microsoft account, which can be created for free. You’ll be able to back up your notes and other information that way. Even so, you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to sync this note to OneDrive for Business.

The design of the app is also excellent. It is straightforward and useful. This program allows you to take notes, draw pictures, and clip items. You may add photos to your notes and scan papers and business cards right into OneDrive. This application is free to use and does not require a Microsoft account. It won’t pressure you to make a purchase.

Advertisement TAPE NOTES

Cost: No cost to download $0.99 to $2.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 3.9 out of 5 This note-taking app is ideal for you if you’ve always enjoyed sticky notes. The Sticky Notes software pretty much organises everything as sticky notes. The app has a very clear and simplistic appearance that even borders on being cartoonish. In this instance, that’s not a terrible thing at all; it fits with the app’s theme. There are a ton of color-coding choices here as well.

Resizeable widgets and a local backup and restore option are included with this software. You have even more power and options by being able to annotate these notes as well as organize them into folders and subfolders. You may also change the transparency of your notes and password-protect them with this software. If you like, you may even add different typefaces to your notes to make them more unique.


Cost: No cost to download $1–$10 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.3 out of 5 One of the top note-taking applications for handwritten notes is definitely Squid. You can use an active pen, a passive stylus, or your finger to write on Squid just like you would on paper. At the same time, it functions as a PDF annotation tool. Between pages and notes, you can rapidly select content to copy, paste, or relocate. Even within notebooks, you may organize your notes using the app to keep everything neat and orderly.

Squid operates on vectors. Therefore, your notes should essentially look beautiful at any zoom level. With the help of this tool, you can even alter the size and thickness of your handwriting. Your notes can be exported as PDF, PNG, or JPEG files. The app does support casting and the multi-window capability. Numerous extra functions are included.


Cost: No cost to download $2.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.9 out of 5 This software is for you if you simply enjoy dark themes and require a straightforward note-taking tool. The main goal of BlackNote is to keep your display as dark as possible. Every backdrop layer in this app is either black or extremely close to it because it was designed to have a gloomy theme. Naturally, both the text and the icons are white. Other UI components have a color that resembles blue, yet it actually works with this style.

There isn’t much to say regarding functioning, which is good news for the majority of folks. Notes may be easily created and shown on the app’s home screen as squares. Some of those can be locked so they can’t be erased and some can be favorited. You can also make to-do lists, like a grocery list, for example. The app has vibrant home screen widgets and password protection as well.


Cost: No cost to download $2.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.9 out of 5 The same business that created the BlackNote software also created BasicNote. This basically serves as a BlackNote substitute in the event that you prefer a lovely, bright background than a dark one. The colors you can see in the images above are what this software uses to try to resemble a real notepad. Although it has been somewhat modified, this app’s design is actually fairly similar to BlackNote.

This software has a fairly high rating on the Google Play Store, similar to BlackNote. The majority of individuals only require basic functionality, which is provided by this minimal design. You can make to-do lists and take notes using it. Like in BlackNote, you can password-protect your notes. Actually, notes are shown in a similar way to how they are in BlackNote. Although there are in-app purchases available, this software is also free.


Cost: No cost to download $1.99 to $24.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 An application from the Zoho Corporation is called NOTEBOOK. a business with expertise in productivity products. Because this tool/app is accessible on many different platforms, it’s a fantastic option in that aspect. It is accessible through Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. To use this app, you must sign into a Zoho account, but once you do, everything will function as intended.

Your notes can be written down and saved. In addition to adding images and audio files, you can also create checklists. You can also attach Microsoft documents, PDFs, and other files in addition to scanning business cards and other items. Formatting options like bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, and others are also available in NOTEBOOK. You may arrange your notes into notebooks, secure them with a password, and more.


Cost: No cost to download $3.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.7 out of 5 stars Actually, Notepad is a fairly good substitute for Google Keep. This program attempts to keep things simple and offers a look that is quite similar to Google Keep. On the home screen, your notes are arranged into little cards, and adding a note is as simple as tapping the ” ” icon in the bottom-right corner. You will then be able to add a variety of notes once you’ve done that.

You have the option of writing a text note normally or recording a voice memo. There is also a speech to text option and a note type for a to-do list. Don’t worry if you need to produce an image; all you need to do is tap the “Camera” option. The app’s design is extremely simple, which is a positive thing. Your notes can be color-coded, and there are backup and restore options as well.


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