People can test out new features in WhatsApp’s active beta program. These new features are continuously being added, and the following one might be really beneficial. In the near future, WhatsApp might allow users to email the firm bug reports.

Every app might make use of this feature, thus it might be significant. They work well for communicating bugs experienced by users to the developers.

Currently, this feature is only available to WhatsApp beta testers, so if you have a regular release of the app, you won’t see it. You’ll need to wait until the feature has undergone thorough testing before going live.

Advertisement WORKINGS OF THE WHATAPP BUG REPORTS WABinfo captured several screenshots of this functionality as it was being developed. The WhatApp in-app settings are displayed to us. There is a button labeled “Report bug” at the bottom, directly above the Invite a friend option.

You’ll see a straightforward page with a text box and three buttons when you tap on it. You can fill out the text section to tell the company what went wrong, as instructed by the placeholder text. You might be able to thoroughly describe what transpired in the app since there doesn’t appear to be a character limit.

Three options are just below that, allowing you to upload screenshots of what occurred. For obvious reasons, that is really helpful. Although it appears that you can upload three screenshots, we are unsure of your ability to submit more after that. The program only requests that you refrain from sending any sensitive information and makes the screenshot function optional.

Advertisement “WhatsApp Bug Report”

WhatsApp Bug Report

Therefore, this is a fairly simple bug report page. It is already possible to file a report by visiting the business’ Contact Us page. While that is true, using a dedicated page has several advantages.

First off, using that specific website makes reporting bugs faster and simpler. Having to pass through too many hoops in order to report a bug may deter some people from doing so since it is simply not worth the hassle.

Advertisement Additionally, WhatsApp might assign a team to review the problem reports. This might result in quicker reactions and more prompt repairs. You’ll want to keep an eye out for it because we don’t know when or if this function will be released to the general public.


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