The Fitbit app is excellent at helping you keep track of your activities and dietary consumption, however there is currently a problem that totals data erroneously. The Fitbit app currently displays daily nutrient consumption with dramatically inflated totals.

DAMAGED FITBIT NUTRIENTS PAGE While most people only associate the Fitbit app with tracking steps, sleep, and workouts, it is actually capable of much more. The app allows you to log your meals and track your calorie intake in proportion to your energy expenditure. It’s something I’ve personally utilized to reduce and manage my weight for a long.

The Fitbit app will compute your daily macronutrients on the meal logging tab, as well as how many calories are left in your budget depending on your objectives and daily caloric expenditure. However, there is also a Nutrients page that can summarize the amounts of fat, sodium, cholesterol, and vitamins you’ve consumed during the day.

The Fitbit Nutrients page is currently faulty and displays outrageously inflated data for daily food intake.

This problem, which I initially discovered the other night in my own Fitbit app, is still present today. For instance, the daily nutritional intake makes it appear as though I had completed a whole buffet by myself even though I only tracked a bowl of cereal with some oat milk today.

to specifically compare three measures. Only six grams of fat, 34 mg of salt, and eight grams of carbohydrates made up my small meal. These totals are mirrored in the macronutrients section of the main food tracking page. However, selecting the complete Nutrients log on the Fitbit app reveals much higher figures. 181 grams of fat 203g of carbohydrates and 4228 mg of salt.

Either the Fitbit app is not working, or I just ate the worst bowl of cereal ever. Users on Fitbits forums and Reddit are having the exact identical experience, thus something is obviously seriously broken. We’re not sure when the problem started, but it appears to have persisted for at least a week or two. The Fitbit app update from May 19 is most likely to blame in this case, but we can’t be certain for sure.

Without any discernible pattern, the totals appear to vary by day and item. When I compared yesterday’s totals for salt intake between what I really logged and the total on the Nutrients page, I discovered a rise of more than 360% for the day.

Probably not too far away is a fix. I believe that everyone occasionally eats somewhat unhealthily and consumes more nutrients than is advised, but Fitbit’s most recent totals are completely out of line. What’s worse is that these numbers could cause worry for people on medically restricted diets if someone doesn’t notice that something is genuinely incorrect.

Although a Fitbit forum administrator has confirmed that the problem is being discussed internally, the company has not yet announced a fix.
We should hopefully notice a fix very soon.
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