Many people place a high value on personal safety, and having safety features on Android is high on the list in places where emergencies might occur at any time. Google stated at Google I/O 2022 that Emergency SOS on Wear devices and the Android Earthquake Detection System are both growing.

Google stated over a year ago that it would make Android’s Earthquake Alerts System available on phones all over the world. Your phone’s accelerometer data is used by this function to identify active earthquakes as they occur. When your device notices it, it notifies you and offers advice on how to be safe. Additionally, your device will transmit that information to other nearby devices, establishing a warning system for anyone who could be suffering the same issue. Although Google has emphasized that this alarm system will soon be available in more locations, it has already been implemented in a few carefully chosen earthquake-prone areas.

Emergency SOS for Wear OS devices is a new safety feature that will soon be available. You can use this feature to activate SOS on your watch, making it simple to call friends, family, and even local emergency services. Emergency SOS on Wear OS is a logical step toward remaining safe because your watch is permanently attached to your wrist.

Although Google hasn’t given a precise release date for these new capabilities, we may expect to see them soon. We are ecstatic about these new features, notably Google’s earthquake detection, coming to our devices. Some of the nicest features we can have on our devices, including smartwatches, are safety measures.

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