The importance of privacy and cybersecurity is increasing yearly. The amount of control you have over your online profile will significantly shift as a result of Google’s significant adjustments at this year’s Google I/O. One new feature allows you to fully remove sensitive information from results of private Google Searches about you. Along with that, Google is emphasizing 2SV more and extending its Safety Status security capabilities to additional apps.

At Google I/O 2022 today, Google unveiled a number of significant changes that prioritize your security. The first is the improvement in how simple it is to delete personal Google search results that include data like your address, phone number, and email. Even while all that information is easily discoverable, getting rid of it can be challenging. Users will be able to request removal of that type of information from Google Search results with only a few taps thanks to Google’s new Results about you tool.

People can use this feature’s already existed to some extent to ask for the removal of extremely private information from Search results. However, for this method to work, search results have to contain data like credit card numbers and social security numbers. Google expanded functionality by enabling users to delete their phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses back in late April. People now have better access to this request function thanks to Google’s new Results about you tool.

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Google is also expanding the Account Safety Status tool’s supported apps, making it simpler to determine whether your Google Account has been hijacked. Before, you had to visit your Google profile to check the status of your account’s safety. With this update, you’ll be able to view this status on your profile image in a number of Google apps as a yellow exclamation point. Making this status more visible will undoubtedly increase awareness of Account safety, making it basically impossible to ignore when something is wrong.

Google is embracing a password-less future with automatic 2-step verification as another method to increase security. This started last year when Google began to promote 2SV more and more. The business made the decision to proceed with its plans to automatically enroll Google Accounts in 2SV, further enhancing security.

Without a question, these updates and modifications represent a significant advancement in cybersecurity. According to Google, the new Results About You page will be accessible via the Google app in the upcoming months. If you’d rather not wait that long, you may access the function right away by touching or clicking the three-dot menu located next to each Google Search result. There doesn’t appear to be a release date yet for the auto-enrollment of more users in 2SV or the new Account Security Status symbols in Google Apps.

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