A paper to-do list is perfectly OK, but switching to a digital one has advantages. If you like to write by hand, mark jobs off in ink or pencil, and draw arrows to indicate when priorities and deadlines change, paper is fine. However, the top to-do list applications enable you to write, arrange, and rearrange your chores more effectively. The best ones also let you to see when someone else has finished a task, and they also let you add notes, links, and files to a task. A solid to-do app is, in many ways, the ultimate productivity tool.

We search for to-do list applications that are simple to use, available on all popular platforms, and equipped with the resources you need to work effectively in order to select the finest ones. These are the top applications in this category that we tested after looking at a large number of them, followed by advice on how to select the best app for your requirements.


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ASANA 4.5 Visit Site in Asana
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WHY WE CHOOSE IT Have you tried Asana yet? is our standard response whenever PCMag readers ask for tips on time management. One of the greatest apps for organizing the to-do list of any team or company, without a doubt. It’s on the verge of being a full-fledged project management program, but it works just as well—if not better—for teams of individuals who need to collaborate on projects. You might consider utilizing Asana to organize work tasks if your team rotates them across team members.

WHO IS IT FOR? Teams should use Asana. It is entirely possible for individuals to use it to manage their own tasks, projects, and lists, but it truly shines as a team collaboration tool for work management.

The best app for GTD on Apple devices is Asana.

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TICKTICK 3.5 is available for free and features in-app purchases on Apple.com.

WHY WE CHOOSE IT You can use TickTick almost everywhere, and it’s a capable to-do list software with an affordable price tag. Along with mobile apps for iOS and Android that work with Apple Watch and Android Wear, it is accessible as a desktop app for macOS and Windows. Additionally, TickTick features a web app, a Chrome app, and Firefox and Chrome browser extensions.

WHO IS IT FOR? TickTick is made to help those who practice the Pomodoro Technique as well as those who adhere to the Getting Things Done technique. The organization technique known as “Getting Things Done” was developed by David Allen and described in a book of the same name. The Pomodoro Technique is a method for concentrating on crucial activities while avoiding time wastage or procrastination. It entails utilizing a timer, and the Tick Tick app comes with a dedicated timer for this purpose.

The Best TickTick Review for Apple Users
At Apple.com,

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TOODLEDO 3.5 Is Free, But Has In-App Purchases at Apple.com

WHY WE CHOOSE IT An excellent to-do list app that goes above and beyond is Toodledo. This app aims to assist you in creating a to-do list, creating new habits, and organizing your ideas. It offers a long list of features, but it also constantly bombards you with information.

WHO IS IT FOR? For those that adhere to the Getting Things Done technique of productivity and organization, there is Toodledo. It’s also for those who strongly believe that their to-do list app should be completely personalized.

Review of Toodledo: How We Pick the Top To-Do List Apps There are many to-do list applications available, but only a select few stand out as being significantly superior to others. For instance, there are several top-notch Android and iPhone applications, but they are useless if you’re using a laptop and need to quickly scribble down a notion without taking up your phone and losing your spot.

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(Credit: PCMag) Every to-do list app includes tools and features to help you organize your chores and lists, and in an ideal world, these features correspond to how you think. For instance, you could find it helpful to color-code your lists or chores to indicate priority if you are a highly visual person. You should use an app that organizes your tasks by due date and/or displays them in a calendar view if you are deadline-driven. An app that gives you reminders across many devices may be useful if you tend to forget things.

To share a to-do list is usually helpful when working collaboratively. With a collaborative to-do list, you may delegate tasks at home and keep track of who has bought what from a common shopping list. Collaborative task management improves collaboration and transparency in professional contexts.

WHICH APP IS BEST FOR TO-DO LISTS? Todoist is our overall top winner. The best to-do list software available is Todoist. On every platform, it functions. You have the option of using it for free or purchasing all the features for a fair price. It is created in a way that makes usage of it fruitful. You have several possibilities for personalization. It satisfies all of your needs.


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