In the global market for foldables, Samsung is without a doubt the market leader. However, as not many other OEMs market their foldable devices outside of China, the business doesn’t truly face much competition. Another firm that does sell some foldables to consumers worldwide is Huawei. The Huawei Mate Xs 2 review unit was kindly sent to us, and I must admit that I was initially taken aback. This post offers our initial impressions of the Huawei Mate Xs 2, or hands-on, if you will.

It’s important to note that the Huawei Mate Xs 2 does not ship with Google services pre-installed before we continue. Since the US embargo was implemented, Huawei was forced to leave Google. There are also Huawei’s own own services, known as HMS, and the company’s Android app store. If that’s not a problem for you and you’re willing to live without Google, this phone might surprise you because it seems to have a lot going for it.


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Advertisement This is the first foldable I’ve ever made that folds the other way. Huawei produces both huge foldables that fold the other way, like this one, and devices similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Before I held the phone, I had a lot of doubts, but I’m delighted they were unfounded. Since the phone feels so high-end, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I warmed to it. You will most definitely notice the difference between it and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and 4 because it is much thinner. It’s also a little lighter, although to be honest, for some reason—probably because of its thickness—it seemed substantially lighter.

ANXIETY ON THE DISPLAY INCREASES WHEN THE PHONE IS FOLDED The primary issue with this phone for many of you is that a portion of the foldable display rests on the rear when the phone is folded. Fortunately, Huawei included a case in the box, and it’s rather good. You may need to employ extra caution with that display if you don’t plan to use a case. The display is still just something you don’t want to scratch or break, even though it feels sturdy.

This phone feels like a typical smartphone when it is folded. In fact, I experienced a similar sensation as when I was using the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, which has extremely curved sides. I absolutely do not feel that way when I handle the Galaxy Z Fold-branded product. When folded, it becomes significantly thicker and doesn’t feel anything like a typical phone. I am quite aware that I am holding a foldable.

Advertisement When unfolded, the phone is really thin and feels great in the hand

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When unfurled, the phone is really thin, and it actually feels amazing in the hand. I really like how the device has a protruding section on the right that can be used for grip. I can’t say the same for many foldables this big, but I never felt like I’d drop the phone when I held it in one hand. When the device is unfolded, the plastic on the back has a pattern and feels quite comfortable in the hand. It seems to add a little extra grip.

However, THE FOLDING EXPERIENCE IS DIFFERENT. In comparison to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, OPPO Find N, and other phones, folding this phone is a unique experience. On the aforementioned smartphones, it feels smoother and more natural. The Huawei Mate Xs 2 needs to be folded and unfolded with more energy than usual. It also doesn’t click into place very easy. However, I quickly adapted to it.

Advertisement Huawei did a fantastic job with the display increase;

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The presentation is stunning. Outside, this panel does become bright enough, and the colors are fairly vivid. I don’t really have any significant complaints about the touch sensitivity because it is excellent. Additionally, the crease is scarcely apparent and practically undetectable with the fingers. In my opinion, that is a victory.

IT’S VERY SNAPPY My initial observations are that the phone is quite quick. I only sometimes noticed a stutter rather than any noticeable latency. But compared to most Android phones, it is a unique experience. In a way, Huawei’s HarmonyOS skin is a hybrid of standard Android and iOS skins. To view your notifications, for instance, you must swipe down from the top-left, or central, part of the display. Quick toggles are opened by swiping from the top-right side. This software is a little unique in a number of other ways as well. If you’ve ever used an Android phone, it will still appear really familiar. Although there isn’t much of a change, Huawei wants to stand out a little.

Advertisement In addition to Petal Search, Huawei’s AppGallery is used to locate apps. If an app is not available through the AppGallery, you will be forced to install it from an app repository; fortunately, Huawei has made this process rather straightforward. But keep in mind that even if you sideload Google apps, you won’t be able to utilize them.

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In all honesty, I didn’t use the phone much—just a few days. I haven’t had a chance to really test anything until today. I’d want to save my thoughts about the camera and battery for the comprehensive review. However, the first impressions are excellent. The build of the Huawei Mate Xs 2 managed to amaze me. I anticipated that utilizing it would feel strange and that this strategy would throw me off, but I did not. In fact, I really adore how small this device is and how using it while it’s folded seems like using a regular smartphone.

Advertisement I would prefer to use it without a case, but I have been using one because I am constantly worried about the display on the rear. However, I would really want to use it without the case. Simply put, it’s a beautiful phone, and using it that way just feels better. Keep an eye out for our comprehensive review where we’ll go into more detail.


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