Rodger J. Birchfield, an IFD photographer and historian, was 81 years old. His wife Janice, son Justice, daughter Sasha, and Heather all survived him. He had ten days till he could officially retire.

He spent some time in his hometown of Camby. He had to make the last repairs to the house after a tree fell on it. Adam Arkins has been working on the repair over the past few months. Arkins, an electrician, had intended to visit, but he was unsuccessful in getting Rodger to open the door. He was wearing his IFD uniform shirt and had a radio by his side as he sat in the recliner. It was a peaceful passing. What was on the following run was what he cherished the most. The warehouse Rodger observed on December 17th was the last thing he saw on Sherman Drive that he decided to shoot.

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The Story of Gary Box on 9/11 Rodger Birchfield worked as a reporter for the Indianapolis news before leaving to work in photography. To think about that Indianapolis star on a Friday night was a kind of compliment. He worked as a journalist for many years with the news as it changed before October 1, 1999. On November 8, 1999, one month after joining, he joined the IFD.

Over the course of 21 years, Rodger responded to every event that occurred in the IFD service district and all neighboring districts. Rodger spent the entire week taking pictures of firefighters at work or showing the equipment at the area. Every picture he takes demonstrates how much he loves everything in his life. Anyone can relate to his present IFD historical past thanks to his understanding of IFD and its history.

He is well-known throughout the country for penning the lone book ever written about the Stutz Fire Engine Company.
2013 saw the appointment of Rodger Birchfield to the IFD Public Safety Service Commission.
The State Fire Marshal Meritorious Service Award for Indiana was also given to him.
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Credit for the Featured Image: IndyStar


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