Here, in this post, we’ll provide a list of the animals, plants, and birds that are endangered in Albania. An endangered species is one that has been designated as being at risk of extinction. Critically Endangered is the second-most important conservation category for wild populations in the IUCN’s classification system, which uses the term endangered (CR).

The IUCN Red List classified 2655 plant and 3079 animal species as endangered (EN) globally in 2012. According to the IUCN Red Data Book, several animal and bird species found in Afghanistan fall into the category of endangered species.

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20 Black Orchid Flower Varieties with Photos, Identification LIST OF ENDANGERED SPECIES OF ANIMALS IN ALBANIA There aren’t many more Albanian endangered species that we could identify, but here is a list of a few.

SPECIES NAME RANGE IN WHICH THEY ARE FOUND S.NO 1. Alpine Shrew Germany, Romania, Italy, Austria 2. Bechstein Bat Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Albania 3. Common Bentwing Bat Asia, Africa, Europe, and Albania 4. Eurasian Otter Asia, Europe, and Albania 5. European Rabit United States, Australia, Asia, and Albania 6. Long-fingered bat, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Albania 7. The following countries are home to this bat: Albania, Algeria, France, Italy, Jordan, Spain, Turkey, and Russia 8. Monk Seal of the Mediterranean Greece, Albania, and the Black Sea We still have endangered plant species to add to the list below from Albania.

There are no plant species that can be considered endangered in Albania. LIST OF ALBANIA ENDANGERED SPECIES OF PLANTS
Moving on to Albania’s threatened bird species is necessary.

ENDANGERED SPECIES OF BIRDS IN ALBANIA Under Albania, numerous bird species are in danger of extinction. The list of endangered bird species in Albania is shown in the table below.

No. of Species Found and Name Range 1. Audouins Gill Asia, Europe, Africa 2. Balearic Shearwater Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Albania 3. Black-Tailed Godwit Central America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe 4. Dalmatian Pelican Asia, Europe, Africa 5. From Albania and Asia to Africa, corncake 6. Egyptian Vulture Asia, Europe, Africa, Albania Eurasian Curlew 7. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Central America, and Albania 8. Asian, European, Albanian, and Middle Eastern Roller 9. Ferruginous Duck Asia, Europe, Middle East, Albania


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