Samsung’s newest clamshell folding smartphone is the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Even though they didn’t make many changes to the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s appearance, the business upgraded it in certain important areas. Having said that, a teardown of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is now available on YouTube.

RIGHT NOW ON YOUTUBE, THE GALAXY Z FLIP 4 TEARDOWN The PBKreviews channel has uploaded it. The video, which is about 8 minutes long and is posted below the article, was created. This video is for you if you want to see what’s inside the phone.

If you need to fix the phone or if someone else requires directions on how to do so, this video can also be very helpful. All of this is assuming that you do not have a warranty for it, which is unlikely to be the case for most people. Still, when the warranty runs out in a few years, you could require these instructions.

Advertisement Having said that, accessing the device’s internals is a rather common practice. The backplates can be removed by heating the device and using the pry tool. A suction cup is also required, at least to make the process as simple as feasible.

Naturally, there are several Philips screws inside. At this point, you can see some of the components and the plastic plates that cover them. Samsung did relocate certain internal components from the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to this model.

THE SYSTEM INCLUDES A LARGER BATTERY AND A CAMERA. There is a larger battery and an additional mmWave 5G antenna on the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The primary camera sensor is also substantially bigger.

Advertisement The motherboard is covered on both sides with graphite sheets to aid in heat dissipation. Here, the NFC chip and the wireless charging coil are visible because they are situated on top of the primary battery unit.

Check out all of that and more in the video that is provided below. If you’re interested in the internals of foldables, there is a lot to see. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 obviously has a very different configuration.


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