There wasn’t really a mechanism to restrict who could see your tweets when you only wanted a few individuals to have access. Twitter has been experimenting with a feature that would enable you to accomplish that, though. According to Engadget , this functionality, known as Twitter Circles, is now accessible to the whole public.

If you are unfamiliar with this functionality, it is rather helpful. Up to 150 of your Twitter followers can be added to your Circle. You can choose to send a new tweet to everyone or only the people in your circle when you create it.

AT THIS TIME, EVERYONE CAN ACCESS TWITTER CIRCLES. The general public only learned about this feature today since Twitter has been testing it for a few months. The functionality is now available for you to try out following lengthy testing.

Advertisement If you’re eager to use Circles, you should first check that the app is current on your smartphone. Currently, it appears that the feature is not accessible on Twitter’s desktop application.

There is an easy technique to guarantee that your app is updated. Either conduct a Google Play Store search for Twitter or keep your finger pressed on the Twitter app’s home screen. Tap the App Details button at the bottom of the page after pressing the App Info button (the! inside the circle). You will then be directed to the Play Store webpage.

Check your top right to see if the Update button is there. After that update is installed, you might be able to use the Circles function if you see it. You should wait a few days if the Update button is not visible.

Advertisement THE CIRCLES FEATURE: HOW TO USE It’s not too difficult to use the Circle feature. You need first add individuals to your Circle. The Circles button should be located around halfway down the left side panel of the program. When a menu opens, it will explain what Circles are and how to use them.

Additionally, you can start a tweet if you wish to accomplish two goals at once. You will notice the pill with the Public option inside next to your profile photo. You can choose to tweet to your Circle by tapping on it.

Twitter Circle How To”>

Twitter Circle How To

Advertisement Next to the Circle selection, tap the Edit button. The list of profiles you should add to your circle will then appear. The accounts can be added to your circle by simply tapping the Add button next to them. Simply type your tweet as usual at that moment.


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