The Pixel Watch, which will formally launch later this year with a fully integrated Fitbit experience, represents the completion of Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit. In what ways does that impact Google Fit? For the time being, it appears like Fitbit and Google Fit are merely planning to coexist.

James Park, the founder of Fitbit, provided insight into the company’s first step into developing its health software for unbranded devices in an interview with the people at CNET . In case you missed it earlier today, Fitbit will be the Google Pixel Watch’s health suite, with features like sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, active minutes tracking, and more.

But a major concern with this has been what will happen to Google Fit now that Fitbit is involved. After all, Google Fit has dominated Wear OS for years as the platform’s primary health suite, and the two apps effectively serve the same purpose. According to Park, Google does not currently have any intentions to discontinue Fit.

I believe that for the time being, Google Fit and the Fitbit app will remain unchanged. I don’t believe that we should interfere with either group of consumers’ experience. Both large user groups enjoy the program they are using for a number of reasons. We don’t see any reason to change it at the moment.

It’s been abundantly evident for some time that Google still doesn’t fully understand what to do with Fit and Fitbit, which has left products like the Nest Hub 2nd Gen and its Soli-powered sleep tracking in limbo. But it appears that we will remain in this scenario for the time being, good or bad.

Other intriguing details concerning the Pixel Watch’s interactions with Fitbit are revealed in Parks’ interview. According to him, Google services will be integrated into the Fitbit experience in order to provide as many of Fitbit’s advantages to Pixel as feasible. In terms of sensors, Park was unable to reveal specifics about what the Pixel Watch will have, but he did say that the company aims to deliver the most cutting-edge sensors to every product line. We have mentioned the possibility that the Fitbit Charge 5 and Pixel Watch exchange health sensors.

For more information regarding Parks’ opinions on the Pixel Watch and how it connects to Fitbit, see the full interview and our coverage of the device.

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