With the most recent makeover of Google Contacts, cards are now nicely structured instead of just a simple list of information.

The first app from the firm to receive a significant makeover to the Material You design language was Google Contacts last year. This required changing a few of the in-app elements’ forms and converting the program to work with Android 12’s Dynamic Colors framework.

The contact details page has undergone a significant redesign as a result of the most recent modification to Google Contacts, which appears to have spread widely as it is now present on every device we tested. This page displays the name and photo of the contacts along with a list of actions that can be taken based on the information that is currently accessible in both the old and new designs.

In the previous version, a simple list of all the fields you had filled out for that individual, including their phone number, email address, and address, could be found underneath that action bar. These details are now separated into many categories by Google Contacts, including Contact Info, About “name,” and Labels. The next step is to offer each category a Material You-styled card.

Another noteworthy change is the apparent removal of the floating action button in favor of adding a pencil/edit icon to the top bar.

Google Contacts Material You redesign

On the one hand, this Google Contacts revamp is simpler and easier to understand than the prior one. On the other side, it might be argued that the design is less effective in terms of how it utilizes the space on your screen. To maintain a clean look, the cards must have padding on both sides, unlike the previous plain list.

What do you think of Google Contacts’ most recent Material You-inspired, card-based redesign? Tell us in the comments section.
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