A recent rumor from Business Insider claims that negotiations between Roku and Netflix could result in the streaming behemoth buying up Roku.

ROKU MAY BE ACQUIRED BY NETFLIX According to sources acquainted with the business, Roku staff members’ trading window for selling Roku stock has reportedly been closed. This typically occurs when insider trading is threatened and information that could affect the stock of the company is made public. Due to low demand for its streaming devices, Roku’s stock has fallen by almost 80% since July 2021.

The subject of current internal discussion at Roku is the potential acquisition of Roku by Netflix, which, based on the company’s present valuation, might be accomplished for roughly $13 billion. This comes after Comcast contemplated purchasing Roku last year, which was the focus of an acquisition.

There are several reasons why this deal might make sense, but Netflix and Roku haven’t officially commented on the rumors. Netflix’s stock is currently declining as a result of the severe competition it confronts from Disney, HBO Max, and other quickly expanding services. Netflix recently announced plans to switch to a less expensive ad-supported model, breaking new ground for the corporation. Netflix would immediately have a position in the advertising business, which it currently completely lacks, with Roku’s assistance.

Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, previously stated that there was no value added for us to create a device, but given the current environment, he now seems to believe that nothing is off the table.

Nothing is finalized at this time, but the circumstances seem ideal for a deal like this.

Google’s 9TO5 It certainly makes perfect sense for Netflix to acquire Roku in the competitive streaming industry of today. Roku has apparently been hunting for a purchase for years, and since both businesses are struggling as a result of heightened competition, they can greatly support one another.

But in the big view, this might be fantastic news for Google TV.

Because it wasn’t tied to any specific streaming service or market, Roku enjoyed years of popularity. Roku only cared about delivering you the greatest experience possible when watching the content you chose. However, it is almost probable that Roku would extensively optimize its UI for Netflix under Netflix’s leadership.

In such a scenario, Google TV would be the only platform without a significant streaming service integrated into it, especially in light of the fact that Google has reduced the importance of its own movie store. Roku would have Netflix, Fire TV has Prime Video, and Apple TV has TV . Of course, YouTube and YouTube TV are both owned by Google, but neither of those platforms directly competes with Netflix and other well-known streaming services.

Additionally, this might make Netflix even more antagonistic toward other platforms than it already is. Netflix already restricts access to its original material on Apple TV and Google TV watchlists, respectively.

Will this result in a huge increase in Google TV adoption? Most likely not, but it would make the platform a little more well-liked among fans or just those who don’t like having Netflix added on to their experience constantly.

The market would change in an interesting way if Netflix acquired Roku.
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