To its in-app camera, Snapchat is introducing a dual camera capability. It allows you to concurrently use the front and back cameras to take pictures and movies. This function was first introduced by the corporation in April during its Partner Summit.

Dual Camera was first introduced as a part of Director Mode, Snapchat’s new set of developer tools. It has a green screen capability similar to TikTok’s, the ability to quickly edit many snaps at once, and a ton of other cutting-edge features that allow creators refine their work. Director mode has not yet been released, but this week Snapchat will enable dual cameras.

From the primary Snapchat camera, you can access Dual Camera. The new icon should be visible in the camera toolbar. When you choose it, the screen will simultaneously display a live feed from the front and back cameras. You have the option of taking pictures or making videos. For your material, the app offers four distinct layouts. The two cameras’ footage is displayed in a vertical split-screen format on either side of the screen.

Advertisement Snapchat allows you to switch to a horizontal arrangement where the two cameras are placed next to each other if your content doesn’t work with that. Cutout and picture-in-picture are the other two alternatives. The latter produces a green screen effect of some kind. Music, stickers, and Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) lenses are all supported with Dual Camera as well.

Snapchat’s Dual Camera functionality works best for videos rather than still images. The front and back cameras may simultaneously record live activity and your response to it. This week, the feature will start to go out to iOS users. In the upcoming months, Android users of the company says will receive it.

SNAPChat introduces a dual camera before Instagram. Snapchat is not the first social media platform to provide rear and front camera simultaneous recording. Although the idea has been around for a while, the emerging photo-sharing app BeReal has recently made it more well-known. It encourages users to post unedited, unaltered images of themselves online. Your random challenge from pals is to take and share a picture in two minutes. Only two buttons are available in the BeReals camera app: one for taking a picture and another for activating dual camera mode.

Advertisement Instagram’s new Candid Challenges feature is an imitation of BeReal’s idea. The functionality of this feature, which also supports twin cameras, is similar to that of BeReal and is currently under development. In the upcoming weeks, we should learn more about Instagram’s Candid Challenges.


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