There are numerous pieces of evidence indicating that consumers will be able to reduce the native screen resolution of the Google Pixel 7 Pro from 1440p to 1080p. At least in some usage circumstances, this ought to aid in battery conservation. However, the Pixel 6 Pro does not have access to the same capability. But you can also enable 1080p screen resolution on the latter with a little work. You simply need to install the most recent Kirisakura kernel mod.

The Pixel 6 Pro operates smoothly at 1080p screen resolution. The Pixel 6 Pro display driver now supports 1080p resolution, thanks to an update given recently by Freak07, the creator of the Kirisakura kernel patch. From a specific options menu, users can change to the lesser resolution. The developer asserts that the display brightness or dynamic refresh rate won’t be impacted by this downscaling. Additionally, there are no color changes, display tints, or contrast problems. Even the always-on display now has a 1080p Low-Power timing thanks to Freak07 (AOD).

All of this suggests that Google purposefully chose not to include a 1080p screen resolution choice with the Pixel 6 Pro. The phone can operate at a reduced resolution without any problems, as we observed in this kernel mod. According to rumors, the Pixel 7 Pro has essentially the same display driver as it, with a few small differences. The former can already support 1080p screen resolution thanks to the display driver designed for the latter. The Kirisakura kernel mod’s options menu is activated as well.

Advertisement To cut a long tale short, the Pixel 6 Pro wouldn’t have any issues if forced to run at 1080p resolution. The feature is already being developed for the Pixel 7 Pro and is within the bounds of the phone’s hardware capabilities. Some bugs may still exist, such as the one that causes the screen to go black if the show current refresh rate option is enabled in the developer settings. It necessitates restarting the phone. But once Google completes the Pixel 7 Pro’s resolution switching capability, this glitch ought to be fixed.

Installing a kernel mod, however, involves tampering with your device’s security features. Although most mods function without incident, you can never completely count out the possibility of running into unforeseen problems. Any time you install a mod on your device, there is a risk. Since you are rooting your phone, we do not advise regular users to do this. However, if you are experienced, you should look into the Kirisakura kernel mod here .


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