Android 13 and ColorOS 13 have begun to be rolled out to OPPO’s Find X5 range of devices. Please keep in mind that although we are talking about worldwide software, only certain locations are now receiving it.

THE OPPO FIND X5 SERIES BEGINS ROLLING OUT WITH ANDROID 13 AND COLOROS 13. Users of the OPPO Find X5 are receiving the update in France and the United Arab Emirates. More markets are receiving the Find X5 Pro update. It will arrive in Australia, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

This comes after a beta build that OPPO began distributing last month. Of course, OTA updates are being made to the system (Over-The-Air). However, because it is being staged, it might not be instantly accessible to your device. If you want to check immediately, you may always do so manually.

Advertisement As you might have guessed, this update includes every feature that Android 13 did, excluding, of course, any Pixel-specific features. Additionally, although ColorOS doesn’t precisely resemble standard Android, OPPO did put its own twist to Android 13.

The business has added a ton of fascinating and practical features to Android. You may extend and reduce the size of folders, which is an interesting technique. Even without opening folders, you can access apps that are inside of them.

Additionally, the corporation enhanced communication between its own devices as well as between phone and PC. You can do much more with it and mirror your device.

Advertisement Colors 13 has what is known as an aquatic design. Here, OPPO employs the so-called Aquamorphic design, which was influenced by how water behaves in the natural world. It includes an updated Theme Palette and more readable system fonts. Additionally, a new card-style layout and numerous animations have been introduced.

Additionally, OPPO introduced the Dynamic Computing Engine and enhanced the Always-On Display (AOD) capability. The main goal of that engine is to make the user experience more stable and streamlined.

We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of ColorOS 13. There is a lot more to learn. Try out ColorOS 13 if you have a Find X5 or Find X5 Pro and you purchased it in one of the aforementioned locations.

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