When the first E30 M3 left the assembly line in 1986, BMW discovered that racing was a new field where it was gaining attention. The M3 had enormous success, according to SIGFest , winning the DTM, European Touring Car Championship, and even the one-time world title in 1987. It was designed as a homologation model for Group A rally racing. The M3’s nearly 50/50 weight distribution and one of the best power-to-weight ratios in the industry are both revealed by Auto-Data , courtesy to its 215 horsepower naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine and trim 2,645-pound curb weight.

Acceleration Times ‘s E30 M3 was able to reach a high speed of more over 140 mph and accelerate to 60 mph in under 6.1 seconds, which was outstanding for the mid-1980s. Even with its lightning-fast times, the E30 M3 was not among the 1980s’ Car andamp; Driver’s quickest vehicles. For individuals who loved to drive, BMW thankfully created the E30 M3. With features like a sunroof, optional leather seats, ABS, power locks, and power windows, the E30 also managed to fit into the luxury category, striking a balance as both a high-end passenger vehicle and a sports car. After all, not everyone was going to race their car off the showroom floor.


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