Consider Dolby Atmos as the advancement in surround sound. Dolby Atmos is a high-bandwidth audio codec that supports spatial audio information. It was first used for movies and is currently accessible in several Xbox Series X|S games. Simply put, it enables creators of video games and movies to pinpoint the precise placement of any particular sound in a scene (via Dolby ).

Using the iconic helicopter chase as an example, Dolby Atmos can sort of locate the sound exactly where it appears in the film rather than merely immersing the listener in the whir of the blades along a stereo soundscape. You will therefore be able to hear the positions of the vehicle move about your home theater just as you would if an actual helicopter were flying above your head, for instance, if it is approaching from behind and roughly to the right.

Depending on the gear you have, this effect has varying degrees of precision and strength. While it is possible to get inexpensive 2.1-channel soundbars that support Dolby Atmos, these models are insignificant in compared to 5.1.2-channel or higher configurations that feature several upfiring speakers in addition to a subwoofer and satellite speakers. The best Dolby Atmos systems feature speakers that are positioned in the ceiling.


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