Users of WhatsApp now have additional time to erase transmitted messages. You have just over two days left to retract that offensive or pointless message. Compared to the prior time limit of just over an hour, it is a huge extension.

On Monday, the deletion window was extended for messages on the Meta-owned messaging service announced . Although the exact time frame was not stated, we do know that users now have 60 hours, or two days and 12 hours, to delete a message from a chat after sending it. This modification has been under beta testing by the company for more than a month.

You might want to erase a message after you’ve sent it for a variety of reasons. One possibility is that you mistakenly sent the message to the wrong recipient and wish to avoid looking foolish. Other times, a message needs to be corrected or is no longer relevant, so you want to take it back.

Advertisement To that purpose, the majority of instant messaging programs provide this feature. In 2017, Meta, then known as Facebook, brought the function to WhatsApp. Over the years, it has altered the time frame several times before settling on an odd timeframe of one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds. That isn’t always enough, though, as mistakes can often only be realized years later.

Thank goodness, WhatsApp has increased the duration restriction to 60 hours, 12 hours more than Telegram’s two-day limit. By long pressing on a sent message in this box and choosing the delete for everyone option, you can erase the message. You only have access to the delete for me option after 60 hours. An individual message is always erasable. Unless they also erase it, the other party will still be able to see it in their portion of the conversation.

THE DELETION OF SENT MESSAGES TIME LIMIT ON WHATSAPP IS EXTENDED In February of this year, this modification was initially seen in the development phase. Additionally, WhatsApp considered raising the deadline to a whopping seven days, eight minutes at the time. But early last month, it began beta testing the 60-hour restriction. And this week, users all over the world will start to receive the new window for erasing sent messages.

Advertisement By attempting to delete a communication that was sent more than two hours but less than 60 hours ago, you can determine whether you have received the lengthier window. Check for a WhatsApp update if the modification hasn’t reached your account yet. To get the most recent version of the messaging app from the Google Play Store, click the icon below.


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