The newest smartphone from the firm, the Motorola Edge 30 Neo, has recently become available in every color. This information was provided by 91mobiles , which collaborated with renowned tipper Evan Blass.

ALL COLOR OPTIONS FOR THE Motorola Edge 30 Neo are available. The first thing to note is that this phone’s codename is Miami, which is how you might already be familiar with it. Probably not many people are familiar with the Motorola Edge 30 Neo name on its own. Except if you consider that it was formerly known as the Motorola Edge 30 Lite.

As you can see, the phone will be delivered in the following hues: black, silver, green, and purple. The official names of those hues will be Black Onyx, Ice Palace, Very Peri, and Aqua Foam, in no particular sequence.

Advertisement The actual device will feature relatively small bezels and a display camera hole in the middle. All of the physical buttons will be located on the right side of the flat display. On the rear of the phone, there will be two cameras.

Actually, we do know some specifications for this item. The Snapdragon 695 SoC will provide power for the phone. It will have an 8GB RAM and a 120Hz POLED display.

A 4,020mAh battery and 256GB of storage will also be included with the Motorola Edge 30 Neo in the package. Although we don’t know the specifications, fast charging will be supported. Most likely, wireless charging won’t be an option.

Advertisement There will be a 64-MEGAPIXEL MAIN CAMERA included. A 64-megapixel main camera is located on the back of the phone, as can be seen if you look there. Though we don’t currently have information on it, the second camera will probably be ultrawide.

This will be more of a mid-range, budget-oriented device, according to its specification list. Although it will feature some wonderful extras like a 120Hz display and a reliable SoC, the price will be a major factor in this.

Motorola may have a genuinely appealing smartphone here if the price is right. There is a lot of competition out there if not. Although the actual release date of this phone is unknown, it is most likely to occur before September 8 or at the very latest on that day. That is the time that Motorola’s event is happening.


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