Valves Steam Deck is stunning in its finished form, but the design team created quite a few prototypes before the game’s debut. At a press conference recently for the Steam Deck’s introduction in Asia, the business displayed some of the prototypes. giving visitors (and now the world) a glimpse of what the Steam Deck might have looked like had the design team chosen a different course of action.

Such circumstances are always interesting and enlightening. because it demonstrates the extent of the work that goes into creating a product of this grade. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to get a glimpse of what may have been. Valve ultimately decided to release the Steam Deck that we currently have, but all of the most recent prototypes have some fascinating changes that some people would undoubtedly prefer.

VALVE SHOWS OFF BOOTABLE STEAM DECK PROTOTYPES The fact that all of the prototypes on display are bootable, according to Valves Pierre-Loup Griffais, may be what makes them most intriguing. Although he does point out that some or all of them have around half the GPU power of the final Deck, the most of them are still work too . One of the prototypes may be seen starting up and launching Half-Life 2 in the tweet that follows.

Advertisement Another interesting feature is that, contrary to expectations, every single prototype resembles the finished product far more closely. The corners of their faces are all the same angle, and the buttons are all positioned in the same spot. However, Valve did experiment with changing the body and button colors. Even some heavily Steam Controller-inspired aesthetics may be seen in one near-final prototype.

Several of the prototypes include d-pads that resemble the abxy buttons on the right rather than a single, fully linked d-pad, as you’ll also note.

THE FINAL DESIGN WAS CENTRALLY IMPLEMENTED BY ERGONOMICS Even though some of these prior designs certainly have a nice aesthetic, Valve eventually chose the current design for its ergonomics.

Advertisement The Steam Deck is undoubtedly a compact gaming PC. But as a portable, it’s a very enormous beast. And Valve believed that adjustments needed to be made in order to make it more comfortable to hold. More than six months after its debut, Valves Steam Deck is still shipping out to reservation holders. Additionally, Valve keeps approving more and more games as Deck-Verified titles. giving the device a good selection of games to play at home, on the go, or almost wherever else you can’t play on your regular gaming PC.


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