The company’s odd demise was initially noticed by the locals of the afflicted cities, according to TechCrunch . The article mentions the closure of Bolt Mobility in Portland, Oregon, Richmond, California, Burlington, South Burlington, and Winooski, Vermont. Numerous items of equipment that were left behind are now lying abandoned and are unable to be used since the batteries are dead. Naturally, the piles of equipment attracted the attention of local officials, but sadly, not even they were successful in getting in touch with anyone associated with the business. Ignacio Tzoumas, the CEO, is included in this.

TechCrunch itself made numerous attempts to reach Bolt in order to gain a statement, but all of these efforts were unsuccessful. These contacts included the company’s communications department, workers, investors, and the hotline for customer service. Previously, Bolt Mobility had a PR business, but it doesn’t appear the it is still in charge of promoting Usain Bolt’s startup. According to Bryan Davis, a senior transportation planner in Chittenden County, Vermont, Bolt informed the department that it will stop operating as of July 1 in a statement to TechCrunch. Bolt kept this a secret until a week later. But nobody has yet come to take the equipment; it is still lying about in the cities.

Before doing it themselves to repurpose the bikes, the impacted cities are now setting dates for Bolt to pick up the bikes. Strangely, Bolt appears to be still in operation in certain places. According to a St. Augustine spokeswoman, the bike share is operating as usual. We wish we knew the answers, but we’re just as baffled as everyone else. What’s going on with Bolt Mobility? Bolt, perhaps it’s time for a formal press release.


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