Coyly is the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle (#409, August 2, 2022). According to Merriam-Webster , the word indicates to be distinguished by cute, coquettish, or skillful playfulness, or displaying hesitation to make a firm commitment. It would signify the act of withdrawing from contact or familiarity if you came across it in the context of Shakespearean literature, which has been a common topic in recent Wordle puzzles.

The word “coy” derives from the Latin word “quietus” and the Anglo-French words “quoi,” “quei,” and “koi,” all of which signify quiet. Another term that supports the WordleBot’s fixation with crane as the ideal initial guess is the answer for today. We probably would have finished the puzzle in fewer attempts than the six that it took us if we had started with crane (we know, it was a close shave). The WordleBot predicted that it would have solved the puzzle in four guesses, while the current average of guesses is 3.9. Ideally, you solve the puzzle with fewer guesses.


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