This week’s top news include: a roadmap for the Pixel series, a display of Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, and much more from the Google I/O conference.

Google announced an incredible swarm of Pixel gear at its yearly developer conference, Google I/O, shocking Pixel lovers everywhere. The $449 Pixel 6a and new Pixel Buds Pro with noise reduction will ship on July 28. This is the launch that is most immediately pertinent.

The Pixel 6a will use several cost-cutting techniques, such as adopting a separate in-display fingerprint sensor, in order to maintain the potent Tensor processor while maintaining a low pricing. Despite some people’s criticisms about the sensor on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, some see this as a possible benefit.

Nevertheless, we have great expectations for the gadget, and if the Pixel 6a has a quicker, more precise scanner than its more expensive competitors, that might be a big plus. We do not anticipate Google to stray too far from an optical reader given that in-display scanning technology can differ from manufacturer to brand. While offering optical in-display fingerprint scanners on devices like the Galaxy A-series smartphones, Samsung uses ultrasonic in its premium lines.

The Google Pixel Watch, slated for release this autumn, was the major news made at Google I/O, which many people had anticipated. But according to a source who spoke to 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch will utilize the same chip as the Samsung Galaxy Watch from 2018 rather than the Galaxy Watch 4’s more modern hardware.

The chipset is obviously not everything. We can also look at Google’s own Pixel 6 for instance, which based its Tensor processor on an older chip than the most recent Snapdragon models. How Google optimizes the hardware is also crucial. How this outdated chip affects battery life is the key question. The 300mAh battery of the Pixel Watch was previously mentioned.

Nobody anticipated that Google would utilize IO 2022 as the platform to reveal the look of the upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, along with its many hues. But that’s exactly what they accomplished, giving us a sneak peak at the amazing color harmony of the Made by Google 2022 hardware generation, with the Pixel 7 having many of the same hues as are available for the Pixel Watch.

The camera bar, which replaces its current glass appearance with a full aluminum design with slots for the camera sensors, represents the most significant modification to the design. The business confirmed in a subsequent tweet that the Pixel 7 will come in the shades Obsidian, Snow, and Lemongrass. The Hazel colorway will replace Lemongrass on the Pixel 7 Pro in the interim.

But the good times didn’t end there. Next, Google’s Rick Osterloh previewed the much more distant Pixel tablet, scheduled to debut in 2023. The tablet’s design is reminiscent of a Nest Hub gadget, and the pins on the rear strongly imply that Google is getting ready to release a dock, as was previously rumored.

According to Google’s Rick Osterloh, the company intends for this far-off Pixel tablet to be the ideal mate for your Pixel phone, bridging the gap between your daily activities at home and those you engage in while traveling. The tablet from 2023 will function on a Google Tensor chip, much like the phones, which is to be expected from such a high-end product in the Pixel series.

Check out both our review of the news for developers and our News Hub from Google I/O if you’re searching for a method to catch up on everything you might have missed. Play a few games of I/O Pinball if the onslaught of news becomes too much and you need to take a break. The free game honors the mascots of numerous Google projects and was created using Flutter and Firebase.

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