Apple hardware and Google Workspace complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. Although there may not always be agreement between Apple and Google on everything, users adore using them together. Google’s enterprise software options have entered the just works era and are currently Apple-focused enterprises ‘s preferred option. Access to reliable cloud services is a requirement in the era of remote work.

You must close the integration gap between Google and Apple in order to fully benefit from Google Workspace on your Apple devices. Enter Mosyle , the sole provider of total management, automation, and integration for Apple devices into Google Workspace for mobile device management.

AUTOMATE GOOGLE WORKSPACE WITH APPLE DEVICE POLICIES AND CONFIGURATION PROFILES Zero-touch deployment is a game-changer for firms who are expanding quickly. Numerous IT hours can be saved by being able to drop ship a device from Apple or an authorized reseller directly to a new employee. What can be done to advance zero-touch deployments? Bring in Mosyle .

What if adding a new employee’s Google account to a Google Group could fully configure a new Mac for them? With Mosyle , you’ll get that. To automatically sync your Organizational Units and Google Groups, simply link Mosyle to Google. Specific Google Organizational Units and Google Groups can be linked directly to policies and device configuration profiles. Based on the Google user role, Mosyle will take care of automatically configuring new devices to your exact specifications.


Multiple authentication methods for macOS and your SaaS products are no longer necessary: Active Directory binding is dead. Your Google Workspace login credentials are valid on macOS as well with Mosyle Auth 2 . Additionally, it allows two-factor authentication. Take advantage of the best of macOS’s enhanced security while giving users a smooth login experience with the main account in your ecosystem: Google Workspace.

Install and authorize all Google applications automatically. Mosyle makes it simple to install Google Drive and Chrome with only one click. Enjoy a completely automated experience on macOS, iOs, and iPadOS with simple updates and automatically grant Google apps the system permissions necessary for macOS so they will just work! Document management issues disappear when Google Drive serves as the hub of your file organization.


The advantages of Mosyle for IT managers extend beyond only controlling Apple devices. Additionally, it enables remote control of Chrome extensions and management of Chrome instances on a company’s devices. In addition, you have several parameters to improve your compliance and security posture.

Apple and Google Workspace: Better Together Beyond communication and cooperation, Google Workspace’s actual potential can be unlocked. Google Workspace becomes the cloud ecosystem that drives the core of your Apple experience when paired with Mosyle . With Mosyle , Google and Apple are finally connected and no longer managing distinct data silos.

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