With free navigation, access to music, and other features, our phones may improve a commute or a road trip, and technologies like Android Auto make all of that safer and less distracting. Android Auto is useful in all forms, but it works best wirelessly. Here’s how to utilize Android Auto wirelessly.

Wireless Android Auto phone suppor How to use wireless Android Auto thats built into your car How to add wireless Android Auto to your car What if my car doesnt have Android Auto at all? Support for wireless Android mobile phones Checking to verify if your Android smartphone is compatible with the feature is the first and most crucial step in using Android Auto wirelessly. Fortunately, finding a gadget with support is not difficult.

Your phone must have the following software in order to use wireless Android Auto:

Using a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel device running Android 10 or higher Android 9.0 or higher is available on some Samsung Galaxy devices (Galaxy S8, Note 8) Android 11 or higher running on any smartphone All equipment must support 5GHz Wi-Fi. Most Android smartphones that have been produced in the last two or three years should easily match these standards.

HOW TO USE IN-CAR WIRED AND WIRELESS ANDROID TECHNOLOGY The wired version of Android Auto is supported by the majority of automobiles, but it’s becoming more and more usual for automakers to provide wireless Android Auto as standard in their cars. Several automakers offer wireless Android Auto functionality, such as:

Acura Audi BMW Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge Nissan GMC Honda Infiniti Hyundai Jeep Kia Lincoln Maserati Toyota Ram Porsche Volkswagen Naturally, keep in mind that not all of these automakers’ vehicles support Android Auto in its wireless form, and support may also differ depending on the particular model you choose. Vehicles sold in the US that support wireless Android Auto are listed on the Cars.com website.

Regularly adding support for wireless Android Auto is likewise done by other automakers. Subaru revealed that starting with the Outback in the 2023 model year, it would introduce support for wireless Android Auto.

android auto wireless phone

If your automobile is compatible with wireless Android Auto, pairing is rather easy. In most cases, just select Bluetooth pairing from the infotainment system’s settings menu and connect to your automobile. Although each automaker’s technology operates differently, when wireless Android Auto is integrated into the car, it typically either launches automatically or displays an Android Auto icon on the screen. Android Auto should launch largely automatically after initial pairing.

Depending on the entertainment system in your car, this procedure might change. You may occasionally need to activate Android Auto in the car’s settings or search for a Connect phone option within an Android Auto app.

IF ANDROID AUTO DOESN’T CONNECT, WHAT HAPPENS? You will inevitably encounter problems while running Android Auto in this mode because no WiFi system is completely stable. Recently, we had the opportunity to test the system in a Kia K5 that already included wifi capabilities.

Around 80% of the time, everything in the automobile ran smoothly, with the main problem being a failure to get the phone to connect to the car after starting. Of course, this can be really annoying, especially if you’re already driving when the error message comes. Fortunately, the solution is pretty easy.

android auto wireless dash in car

Turn Bluetooth on and off again if you notice that Android Auto isn’t connecting to your car despite your phone already being paired. In most cases, the connection between the phone and the automobile will be immediately restored, and everything will function normally again. Of course, your outcomes may differ. Other steps in troubleshooting could be:

Reset your smartphone. Switch Bluetooth to Airplane mode for a short while before turning it back on. Forget your phone’s Bluetooth connection with your automobile and re-pair it. Of course, there is also the choice to only use a wired connection. The great majority of automobiles that offer wireless Android Auto support also offer wired Android Auto support.

ADDING WIRELESS ANDROID AUTO TO YOUR VEHICLE It’s getting pretty simple to add wireless Android Auto functionality through aftermarket items if your car doesn’t already have it.

A USB dongle is the simplest way to add wireless Android Auto to a car that already supports the wired version. Three gadgets are excellent at providing this feature right now. The first is the Motorola MA1 ($90), which is offered by Amazon or Target . The only gadget approved by Google to provide wireless capability to the company’s infotainment experience is this dongle, despite being difficult to locate in stock. It performs flawlessly.

Additionally, two dongles were produced as a result of crowdfunding efforts. AAWireless was the first item to complete this challenge, and as we said in an earlier review, it’s an excellent little gadget. It’s still available for purchase on Indiegogo for $85 , and shipping typically takes two to four weeks after your order. Then there is Carsifi, which can also be ordered through from Indiegogo for $99, though it is sometimes on sale for $89. The feature that makes this device famous is its button for switching between phone connections.

android auto wireless adapter
wireless android auto dongle
Motorola MA1
carsifi wireless android auto adapter

Pairing with the Motorola MA1 is really quick and simple. Simply attach the Motorola MA1 to the USB port on your automobile (notice that USB-A connections are the only ones that the dongle supports) and turn it on. After turning it on, go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and search for the MA1. Allow the dongle to establish a connection and pair with it. From that point on, you’ll automatically be requested to set up Android Auto.

With the exception of one setup step, the procedure is essentially similar for AAWireless and Carsifi. You must first enable Android Auto developer options by entering the settings for Android Auto and repeatedly tapping on the version number before continuing with the preceding instructions. Once finished, locate the Developer options by opening the Android Autos three-dot overflow menu. You’ll find a setting for adding wireless projection near the top of the list, which you may activate from the previous page. Depending on your device, this step might or might not be required, so check for an option to enable wireless Android Auto before allowing developer settings.

android auto wireless settings
android auto wireless directions
android auto wireless problems
android auto wireless setup

WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY CAR HAS NO ANDROID AUTO AT ALL? Alternatively, there are still possibilities if your car doesn’t have Android Auto wired.

If you want to take the simple approach, there are Android Auto-compatible GPS-style gadgets that you can mount in your car. We put to the test an IYING product that supports wireless Android Auto and costs $260 Wireless Android Auto phone suppor 0. Wireless Android Auto phone suppor 1, a comparable device from Road Top with a larger screen, is available.

android auto wireless phone


android auto wireless phone


On gadgets like these, installation is handy, but ideally, that money should be used to purchase a new head unit. These gadgets completely replace the current infotainment system in your car; they can be installed on your own, but expert installation is recommended. It’s a fantastic way to introduce a new function or give aging automobiles new life.

Popular companies like Wireless Android Auto phone suppor 2 and Wireless Android Auto phone suppor 3 offer wireless Android Auto-compatible high-end systems, and Wireless Android Auto phone suppor 4 is home to several more smaller manufacturers that provide wireless Android Auto-compatible more economical systems.

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