Nomads can have amazing experiences, undertake numerous adventures, and share their knowledge with the world by traveling. They certainly give us an excellent impression of the location, whether we should travel there or not. Similarly, if you intend to visit America soon and want to see the best sights, you can travel with the top American travel YouTubers.

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Travel AA YouTubers just become well-known by sharing their daily life on social media. They are able to genuinely tell their life narrative there. There are some of them who post regular stuff on YouTube, and people subscribe to them. A excellent platform for all of this is YouTube.

These YouTubers all have a sizable following and post their regular videos. The top five are Nomadic Fanatic, Campervan Kevin, Here Be Barr, Jones Family Travels, Erik Conover, Brett Conti, Living Free, Panda Monium, Sarah Funk, BigRig Travels, and Jennifer O’Brien.

You can learn more about these travel YouTubers in detail below, including how many videos they have posted overall, how many subscribers they have, and how we chose them for our list of the best travel YouTubers.

THE BEST TRAVEL YOUTUBERS IN AMERICA All of these are included in the list of the Best American Travel YouTubers for a reason, which you can read about in the article below and discover for yourself.


This Youtube channel is owned by a man by the name of Eric. He enjoys writing daily blogs on his experiences boondocking, camping, and driving an RV full-time. He travels all across the country. He takes his Jax cat on the road. Nomadic Frantic documents his travels and the beauty and freedom of his nomadic life in his films.

He began vlogging in December 2013 and posts every day.
There are 1,413 videos in all.
223K people are subscribed in total.

Best American Travel YouTubers; Campervan Kevin
source- YouTube

Campervan Martini and MaeMae are the names of Kevin’s two canines. He makes his RVs his home. Although he no longer routinely posts content, he did so for a period of 12 years. He now travels more and spends at least one week every month in his RVs.

He began vlogging in April 2007 and currently publishes two videos weekly.
There are 839 videos in all.
64.3K people are subscribed in total.

Best American Travel YouTubers; Here Be barr
source- Travel Massive


Jon Barr is the guy in charge of this channel. He is American and from New York. He used to be a sportscaster before switching to travel vlogging. You have come to the right site if you want some helpful travel advice and don’t want to waste any time. He concentrates on money-saving tips while also emphasizing local experiences. You can subscribe to him for advice on traveling and to learn the history of certain locations.

He began vlogging in April 2016 and currently publishes two videos weekly.
There are 522 videos in all.
193K users are total subscribers.

Best American Travel YouTubers; Jones Family Travel
ssource- Jones Family Travel

A family-oriented travel channel from Florida, USA. They wish to go on many family and child-friendly travel trips because they think that travel alters DNA. They try to make the most of the time they have with their children and want to make memories. The Jones family enjoys excursions and vacations. They are a wild family who love to go on adventures.

They began vlogging in August 2006 and currently publish four videos monthly.
There are 1,445 videos in all.
38.5K people are total subscribers.

He is American and from New York. He keeps a video diary of his travels and his entire life in New York. He advocated prioritizing new experiences when traveling.

He began doing this in March 2012 and uploads a new video every day.
There are 109 videos in all.
1.58M subscribers altogether

He is a New York-based travel YouTuber who describes himself as being rather daring. He frequently investigates many new things, shoots fantastic videos, and visits some other places.

In March 2006, he began vlogging, posting one video each week.
There are 285 videos in all.
There are 303K total subscribers.

Best American Travel YouTubers; living free
source- YouTube


He is American, and the subject of his channel is freedom. He does everything, including full-time living, truck camper travel, RVing advice, stealth van camping, prep work, and boondocking. You can keep up with his exploits.

He began in October 2013 and currently publishes one video each month.
There are 14 videos in all.
There are 44.2K total subscribers.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy themselves, travel, excitement, and exploration on the road travels across all the towns and states as Panda tours the country in a 22RV.

She began in October 2014 and currently publishes three videos weekly.
49K users are total subscribers.
There are 996 videos in all.

Sarah is a world-traveling adventurer who adores great things in New York and elsewhere. She’s a New Yorker. She records all the incredible moments and includes them in her videos.

She began doing this in January 2011 and currently publishes one video daily.
There are 165 videos in all.
There are 122K total subscribers.


Best American Travel YouTubers; Nomadic fanatic
source- Armands Rancho Del Cielo


The person in charge of this channel is a brilliant American who is from the USA. He is able to broadcast the dash while driving a huge tractor with 18 wheels and visiting all 48 states. You can have a new perspective on America.

He began doing this in December 2008 and currently posts two films daily.
There are 5,569 videos in all.
fifty thousand subscribers overall

Best American Travel YouTubers; Nomadic fanatic
source- Armands Rancho Del Cielo


The person in charge of this channel is Jen, who also founded the website travel ladies. She posts everything, including tech reviews, hotel tours, and trip videos. You can subscribe to her channel and follow her to stay up to date.

She began doing this in May 2014 and now posts three movies every three months.
There are 173 videos in all.
subscriber count overall: 26.4K

I hope your trip goes well with these top American YouTube travel bloggers. With these travelers, you can discover numerous new locations and unique locales that are challenging to locate as a regular traveler. So visit each new location they featured in their videos and investigate it.

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