Recently, the tech community has been buzzing over the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. So much so that Samsung seemed to overreact as well. The business overlooked the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro as it made ready for the Galaxy Unpacked presentation. The new tough Android tablet has yet to make an official debut; the launch was scheduled for July.

Samsung stated in mid-June that the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro and the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro would be unveiled on July 13. However, the business unveiled the latter a few weeks earlier, in late June. It was not made clear why the new tough smartphone was unveiled so early. The company made all the necessary announcements, including the device’s specifications, main features, price, and availability. Even a promotional movie for the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro was made available.

The tough smartphone did not come with the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro. We anticipated it to come on time, perhaps on July 13. But July came and went, and Samsung has still not released the new tough tablet. The company appears to have only recently become aware of this and is currently seeking regulatory certification for the tough tablet. The gadget just showed up on the Safety Korea certification website.

Advertisement A LIVE PHOTO ON THE CERTIFICATE PRESENTS THE GALAXY TAB ACTIVE 4 PRO. Safety Korea lists the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro with the model number SM-T636N, which was first noticed by SamMobile . For the domestic market, the tablet should be the LTE model. The letter N in the model number will be changed to a B or a U for international markets. The Wi-Fi model is identified by the suffix SM-T630.

A real-time image of the next Samsung tablet can be found in this listing as well. With three physical buttons and wide bezels surrounding the display, it exhibits a tough design. Additionally, a front-facing camera is visible. The gadget is around 245 x 170mm in dimension, which is comparable to the size of the original Galaxy Tab Active Pro introduced in 2019. This means that the 10.1-inch display of the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro will be present.

Despite not being visible in the image, Samsung is probably going to support the S Pen with this tablet. Additionally, a protective case with a holster should be included to store the stylus pen. Unluckily, it’s impossible to predict when the Galaxy Tab Active Pro will become official. The Korean company will probably rush its release at this point since it had missed a launch deadline. We’ll keep you informed.


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