Some potent video features that aren’t included by default in every type of smartphone are added by Snapchat’s new Director Mode. With these new capabilities, editing and recording movies for the app should be simpler. One such feature is the Green Screen, which, like TikTok, lets users choose a background to record in front of rather than being limited to what is actually behind them. The ability to divide, trim, and combine many films into one is now available through Quick Edit (per The Verge ). Last but not least, you can speed up or slow down the movie using a camera speed option.

Users of both Android and iOS devices will be able to access the new update, which is rolling out internationally. While TikTok appears to have provided some inspiration for Snapchat’s Director Mode, there is also a startling impact that makes us think of BeReal: the twin camera. Snapchat users may now record videos with both the front-facing and back cameras on their phones thanks to the dual camera.

BeReal is a popular program that has been slowly gaining users even though, on the surface, it serves purposes that are distinct from those of Snapchat. BeReal, in contrast to Snapchat, doesn’t offer filters and only lets you snap images at random times during the day in an effort to persuade users to share their real lives rather than the polished version marketed by social media. While using the app, users can transform into a dog, cat, or any other animal thanks to Snapchat’s extensive library of filters, both user-made and offered by the program. Snapchat, on the other hand, tends to focus on anything other than reality. The app could be able to compete better with the aid of this new strategy.


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