If Google Photos is your preferred app for viewing pictures and videos, there will soon be a small update. The Archive folder in the app will soon get a new name thanks to the corporation. The folder’s new name, Hidden, more accurately describes its purpose. The pictures and movies that you choose to hide from the main gallery display are kept.

This small adjustment to Google Photos began spreading out last week and was first noticed by 9to5Google. The Hidden folder first appeared in the iOS app’s version 6.1. Even with version 6.2, the Android counterpart does not yet have it. However, if this rename is a permanent one, it should soon be available on other platforms, such as the Photos web client and Android app.

When the change is implemented, Photos will greet viewers with a banner stating that Archive is now called Hidden, according to the new report . Albums and search results will still contain photographs that are hidden. The explanation states that you can locate the Hidden folder in the Library view. In keeping with this, the Move to Archive button has been replaced with Hide in the file overflow menu. The button’s box-style icon has been replaced with a slash-through-eye icon.

Advertisement When you select the Library tab, the Hidden folder with its new icon will be present in lieu of the Archive folder. All of your secret pictures and movies are stored here. This feature remains unchanged. The same procedures apply as before. Even while Archive is a more widely used tech term, the new name better describes the capabilities.

Google Photos Archive rename Hidden 1
Google Photos Archive rename Hidden 3
Google Photos Archive rename Hidden 2

A few other minor changes are now occurring in Google Photos. Even while the renamed Hidden section hasn’t yet appeared in the Photos app for Android, there have been a few other little modifications. The app now separately lists a file’s on-device storage location. Previously, the storage path, file name, file size, resolution, and pixel size of a photo were all given in a single entry under the Details section. These details are now displayed by Google as two distinct listings. While the other lists the storage patch and file size, the first one specifies the file name, resolution, and pixel size.

Additionally, the Google Photos Android app is also receiving the Backed up section. It describes the size and quality of a backed-up photo. Prior to being added to the iOS app last month, this section first appeared on the web client.


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