This morning, Amazon just unveiled its newest Kindle, officially known as the Kindle Scribe. With a 10.2-inch, 300-ppi Paperwhite display that enables you to make notes on whatever you’re reading, it’s the first Kindle optimized for both reading and writing. In addition to taking notes, there are a variety of other uses for the Kindle Scribe. such as “signing bills and keeping up with important responsibilities.”

The gadget can be used for anything—journal entries, to-do lists, reading imported papers, etc.

With the supplied battery-free pen, you can jot down everything you can think of. Amazon is paying close attention to this particular element. A pen that requires no charging, according to the manufacturer. Consequently, you won’t need to worry as much about the battery life of one gadget. To avoid losing it, the pen also magnetically attaches. Amazon even provides a premium model that includes a dedicated eraser and shortcut button.

Advertisement Regarding battery life, Amazon asserts that the Scribe can operate for months at a time. So, you can almost completely forget about charging it.
Amazon claims that using the Kindle Scribe is like to using paper.

Amazon is incredibly sure that the majority of consumers will be familiar with the Scribe experience. Because it claims that using the Scribe to read and write is similar to using paper. So, if you enjoy the feeling of writing things down on paper, you could really enjoy the Kindle Scribe.

Advertisement The Scribe’s display is also glare-free for convenient usage outside and in bright lighting, and the entire device is 5.8mm thin so it should fit in almost any pocket where a 10-inch tablet or conventional paper notepad would fit. The 16GB edition of Amazon’s most recent Kindle will start at $339, with 32GB and 64GB storage options also available. And if you choose to upgrade to the premium pen, the cost rises by an additional $30.

Pre-orders are now available, and the device will ship on November 30.
Kindle Scribe

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