A revolutionary paint technology that enables a car to change its color based on an underlying electrical communication system dazzled us a few months ago from BMW. However, a newcomer has arrived who operates in the Kindle fashion. In order to replace the traditional sticker formula for advertising, British automaker McLaren is installing what it refers to as “a two-display system” in the cockpit of its racing cars. It appears that the technology in question, produced by a firm called Seamless Digital, is what powers the Kindle’s black-and-white illumination system.

The major benefit is that McLaren won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of sticking and removing stickers from the fast-moving vehicles on the circuit thanks to the display technology, which will allow it to dynamically rotate the brand logo and advertising message on its cars. Although e-ink-based advertising options are not new to the transportation industry, installing them on automobiles that are zooming by at 200 mph must have been difficult from a durability standpoint.

The panel integrates into the bodywork and presents like any other branding thanks to a kindle-like paper display. The car’s inputs, such as DRS, pit stops, the fastest lap, or even just the lap number, can cause changes though. For one lap, you could support the group! var viewsCacheL10n = {"admin_ajax_url":"https:\/\/www.clunkyrobot.com\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","post_id":"6292"};