The Google Home app may soon be available as a public preview beta version for people to try out. Google Home is the search giant’s de facto home for Nest and Google-branded smart home goods. At least, it is the conclusion drawn from a recent 9to5Google breakdown of the apps’ APK.

According to the breakdown, it seems like Google is getting ready to offer consumers a means to ask for early access to features. Specifically, brand-new Home app capabilities that aren’t yet accessible to the general public yet. Additionally, users will be able to provide feedback or report problems. After all, the main goal of the public beta is to enhance the application.

All of it is based on the access request page, seen below, which was uncovered by the breakdown. Naturally, Google also cautions that early access features may contain bugs. possibly even breaking features or breaking apps. Users will therefore be able to opt out and return to the standard Google Home after signing up.

Advertisement HOW DO YOU SIGN UP TO BETA TEST GOOGLE HOME PUBLIC PREVIEW VERSIONS? Google hasn’t yet specified any new features that could be included in the AI-driven app’s beta version. And that’s hardly unexpected given that the sign-up page is currently under construction and has not yet been made public.

Every sign, according to the insider, also leads to a restricted availability for public preview testing. Therefore, not everyone who seeks access will receive it, in contrast to the public beta versions of Android.

The new Public Preview for Google Home will probably be displayed as a top banner when it does so formally. Alternatively, it might appear as a pop-up telling users that they can sign up.

Advertisement Having said that, people who wish to attempt and arrive early might be successful. The sign-up website to which the in-app UI will redirect has already been created by Google. Therefore, access can already be requested and requested on the actual website. On their mobile device, users merely need to visit to that page to use Google Home. The URL for that is without quotation marks: googlehome:/settings/app-preview-program.


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