The more than a decade-old website Credit Sesame explains all the specifics of your debt and aids in your comprehension of your credit score. Who doesn’t want to raise their credit score, after all? A good credit score not only expands your alternatives for borrowing money, but also lowers the cost of using a credit card or obtaining a loan. Credit Sesame teaches you how to raise your credit score and provides free, simple, and practical tools for tracking your credit and debt. However, if you want a detailed picture of your credit and other services, a paid subscription is required. Sesame Connect and Daily Score are two new features that are currently being implemented (more on those later). Credit Sesame is one of the better personal financial services available even though it isn’t the greatest money management software we’ve seen.

THE WAY CREDIT SAME IS FREE By proposing credit card and loan possibilities that might be more suitable than the accounts you currently have, Credit Sesame finances its free services. But unlike Mint and Quicken Deluxe, our Editors’ Choice winners for free and premium personal finance software, respectively, it doesn’t manage your income, expenses, and budget. In terms of information, Credit Sesame is more akin to Credit Karma and WalletHub, but it lacks some of their functions.

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Credit Sesame now offers two different levels of subscription. Everything described above, as well as a daily score update and daily credit monitoring with alerts from one bureau, are included with the Free Membership. A three-bureau credit report, monthly credit monitoring with notifications from all three agencies, dispute resolution, identity theft insurance, and rent reporting to the credit bureaus are all included in the premium membership, which is available for $15.99 per month.

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Your account is then created by Credit Sesame, which uses TransUnion to determine your current score. Every subscriber will soon receive daily score updates thanks to the company. Free account holders currently receive monthly updates to their credit scores.

A SHORT SUMMARY OF YOUR CREDIT Credit My Overview, the dashboard feature on Sesames, requires extensive scrolling to see everything. The screen consists of both offers for financial products and credit tools.

COMPANY REPORT CARD Your credit score is the first thing that is displayed. A graph on the right displays your credit score’s evolution over the preceding six months. Links to two further screens with more in-depth information and analysis are provided. One (Credit Analysis) assigns you a mark based on each element that determines your credit score. As follows:

Expense Record. Do you have any negative notes on your credit history, such as late payments?
Use of Credit. Lenders prefer that you use no more than 30% of your whole credit line.
Credit Period. How long have you had these accounts?
Account Blend Have you got a wide range of account types?
Credibility checks. Lenders dislike it when borrowers apply for many accounts within a year.

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0 (Credit: PCMag) Credit Sesame gives you a letter grade, such as A, B, or C, and explains why you received that score based on how well you do in these categories. When you click on one of these grades, further information about that component of your score and the accounts that make it up is displayed. These pages additionally include a percentage that indicates the significance of each graded section. Payment History, for instance, has a significant effect. Your score is 35 percent based on it.

DEBT ANALYSIS The second feature on the My Overview page is called Debt Analysis, and it shows your total debt, total monthly payments, and debt-to-income ratio. When you click one of these, the Account Mix screen and your letter grade are displayed. It includes information about any rent you pay and report, as well as a breakdown of your debt into five categories: home loans, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, and other loans.

You can scroll down to see a list of all your debts, along with information on each one, including the balance, the required minimum payment, and the percentage of your credit limit that each one is using. Finally, there is a direct link to a page with instructions on how to file a dispute if you see something you want to challenge. If you’re seeking to comprehend your debt profiles, the Debt Analysis page comes in especially handy.

However, unlike WalletHub, Credit Sesame does not offer solutions that can help you pay off debt faster. For instance, WalletHub provides calculators to assist you in accelerating your mortgage and credit card payoff dates. But even they are merely number crunchers. The ability of personal finance websites to offer individualized guidance on debt reduction is restricted.

Previously, links in the dashboard’s upper half provided access to these resources and information. I favored that style. It saved time and immediately highlighted your credit details. To view the most crucial content blocks, you must scroll right now. They also contain connections to financial items as well as advertisements for Credit Sesame Premium (if you utilize the free level). These suggestions are to be expected, but the dashboard currently has more advertising than essential information.

HOW TO OBTAIN ORIENTED CREDIT On the left side of the screen, Sesame features an additional navigation toolbar with clearly displayed product offers. A link to Sesame Cash (more on that later) and notifications for credit monitoring are located beneath it.

There is a link to your profile, which you should visit, as well as one to your entire credit report, which you can only access if you have the Premium version. You can change your account settings, personal information, and whether or not you want to receive email notifications here. Expect another link to the Premium upgrade if you are using the free version.

ARE FINANCIAL PRODUCT REVIEWS OBJECTIVE? Credit Sesame features an advertisement disclosure statement, just as its rivals. Near the top of My Overview, the link can be seen in a small font. It states that although the company is compensated by the companies whose financial products are advertised on the website, this only influences, for example, how and where their advertisements are positioned. Credit Sesame does not rely on these partners for any of its analyses.

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1 (Credit: PCMag) WHAT CREDIT SAME MATCH FINANCIAL PRODUCTS DO YOU OFFER TO ME? With the help of the data it possesses on its subscribers, Credit Sesame has always linked items like credit cards to specific customers. Although it frequently works effectively, people become upset when it doesn’t because they aren’t eligible for a product that was recommended when it doesn’t.

As a result, the business is introducing a new technology to enhance that procedure. Sesame Connect matches customers with items that they are likely to be approved for using artificial intelligence. The algorithm does this by, for instance, examining consumers who have already been approved for a certain credit card and comparing certain elements of their profiles to those of the new applicants. The business asserts a 90% assurance rate.

CAN I EXPECT CREDIT SAME TO BOOST MY SCORE? Each personal finance website that specializes in credit scores discusses your score and offers tips on how to raise it. Additionally, they detail the specifics of your loan. Credit Sesame is proficient in it.

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2 (Credit: PCMag) For instance, Credit Sesame applies what it calls Sesame Potential if your credit score is rather low. There is a circle with a higher number next to your credit score. You should be able to increase your score if you adhere to the site’s suggested course of action. Credit Sesame is able to accomplish this because it does extensive simulations in the background to try and pinpoint the behaviors that, given your credit history, would be realistic and would raise your score. Remember that it can take months before you see the desired results.

IS IT SAFE TO USE CREDIT SESAME? The 256-bit data encryption that Credit Sesame employs is typical of banks. The website provides free transaction notifications and credit monitoring, and Credit Sesame doesn’t share your personal information with outside parties.

Receiving credit monitoring emails and configuring multi-factor authentication are other options.

As previously indicated, answering challenge questions when creating an account adds an additional layer of security. Your financial information cannot be accessed by someone who only has your name, address, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

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3 (Credit: PCMag) Credit SAME CASH Several years ago, Sesame introduced a new bank account in collaboration with Community Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC, and it has been accessible since 2021. Sesame Cash has no fees and no minimum balance requirement. You can transfer money from an active bank account into it. The account includes free withdrawals at more than 55,000 ATMs globally, real-time activity notifications, and up to $500 in complimentary mobile device protection. It also includes a debit Mastercard. The debit card also provides zero-liability purchasing protection. Depending on your employment, you might be able to get your payment up to two days earlier if you sign up for direct deposit using your debit card.

In addition to the standard banking services, you can get a daily credit score and get paid up to $100 when your credit score rises. To qualify, you must deposit $25 every 30 days, which is acceptable. On qualifying purchases, you might also be able to receive cash back. Keep in mind that this program has a lot of guidelines and differs by location. The same as the previous deals, it can end at any time.

IS MY CREDIT REPORT AFFECTED BY RENT PAYMENTS? The fact that on-time rent payments can impact your credit score may not be widely known. However, in order for the main credit bureaus to take your rental payment performance into account, you must go through some hoops and pay a charge. This service is offered by several businesses. Some impose an upfront fee in addition to monthly costs that can be very different.

One such business, Zingo, has been purchased by Credit Sesame. Rent payment reporting is now available through Credit Sesame, however it is a different service, Sesame Turbo, which costs $15.99 per month. The business works with you and your landlord to have your monthly rent payments reported to Equifax and TransUnion. Paying your bills on time could raise your credit score. For the service to be able to verify your rent payments, you must link your bank account.

SESAME CREDIT’S MOBILE APPS On the Credit Sesame website, I didn’t find many features that weren’t already present on its iOS and Android apps. Offers for financial products are undoubtedly present, but they don’t seem to be as pervasive as they are on the website. The apps perform and look fantastic, much like any of Credit Sesames’ rivals.

Access to the tools in the apps is provided by a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The dashboard of the free edition largely contains links to offers for financial products, however when you click your credit score, the second symbol, Credit, becomes active. You can find information and tools that are similar to those on the website in its two sections, which are separated by tabs.

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4 (Credit: PCMag) A third icon directs you to Sesame Cash, where you can sign up for or decline the previously described account. When you click the Tips icon, you’ll find personalized advice on how to strengthen the areas of your credit score that need work as well as links to other useful articles. The fifth symbol directs you to offers for credit cards, vehicle loans, personal loans, mortgages, and insurance that have been hand-selected just for you.

Overall, the apps had the data I’d be most interested in having access to away from my computer. And they are made so that I may find the information and tools I need more quickly and easily.

The dashboard is different if you’re a Premium subscriber. It displays a quick snapshot of important data, like your credit availability and credit use. Following that are numerous advertisements for suggested financial goods, then connections to Premium features.

HOW CAN CREDIT SAME BE BETTER? Credit Sesames offers a superb user experience, and its mobile apps are even more appealing and functional. Sesame Cash may be a wise solution, especially for persons in subprime and underserved neighborhoods who have had negative experiences with regular banks, as I enjoy its debt-tracking capabilities (or folks who want to be rewarded for using cash as a means to improve their credit scores).

However, unlike Credit Karma, the free edition does not permit you to view your credit report. It only obtains your credit score from one credit bureau rather than two, and it is devoid of the simulators, calculators, and other tools offered by its rivals. Some of the services that WalletHub offers, such as the Debt Payoff wizard, are also absent. If you want additional monitoring and access to experts, Credit Sesames’ paid subscription level may be appealing to you, but you can get more for free from rival websites.

Our Editors’ Choice winners for free and paid personal financial services are Mint and Quicken Deluxe, respectively. While they may provide you with your credit score and other related information, their main emphasis is on income and expense management, which includes planning and budgeting. Nevertheless, there is no reason why you couldn’t combine one of them with Credit Sesame. The more tools you have at your disposal to monitor your finances, the better.

Credit: 3.5 Sesame
at Credit Sesame, $

MSRP Free Benefits No-cost subscription level includes debt analysis and tracking fantastic mobile applications Rental payment reporting is available Read More Cons Only one credit bureau is used by the free version. To access options like credit monitoring, you must sign up for Premium. lacks tools like calculators and simulations No help with debt repayment Read More the conclusion Credit Your credit score is provided by Sesame, which also offers debt management advice. However, it doesn’t have the calculators, simulators, and other tools that rivals provide, and certain features cost money to use.


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