After outfitting its previous three generations of flagship devices with a 108MP camera, Samsung appears ready to make the jump to a 200MP camera. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, which debuts in 2019, almost certainly has the highest resolution smartphone camera to date. This development has been alluded to in numerous rumors in recent weeks. ET News, a Korean magazine, is currently reporting the same. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will include a 200MP camera on the back, Samsung has reportedly informed its camera partners.

According to the report, the Korean giant has ordered parts for the new camera sensor. Additionally, it provided specifics regarding the development strategy and a rough production schedule. Sadly, there isn’t much information available regarding the sensor itself. According to rumors, Samsung will give it the name ISOCELL HP2. You might recall that the company previously introduced two 200MP smartphone cameras, the ISOCELL HP1 from last year and the ISOCELL HP3 from this year. The former made its debut on the Motorola Moto X30 Pro recently.

Between these two sensors in Samsung’s 200MP camera series is the ISOCELL HP2. But in terms of photography and filming ability, it’ll be the best yet. As a result of its larger pixel size, Samsung is naming it HP2. According to reports, the forthcoming sensor will have 0.6-m pixels, which are smaller than HP1’s 0.64-m pixels but larger than HP3’s 0.56-m. The latter has the tiniest camera pixels ever produced by the industry.

Advertisement Other than this, there isn’t much information currently available on the ISOCELL HP2. According to the new report , a 70:30 manufacturing split will be used to produce the sensor by Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Samsung Electronics. Be aware that it will only work with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The standard Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23 are most likely to remain at 50MP or, at most, receive an increase to 108MP.

Other cameras will not be altered by the Galaxy S23 Ultra. While Samsung is upgrading the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s primary camera to a 200MP model, the rest of the cameras are expected to retain their megapixel counts from the Galaxy S22 Ultra. A 12MP ultrawide lens, a 10MP periscope lens with a 10X optical zoom, and a second 10MP telephoto camera with a 3X optical zoom are all anticipated. However, the corporation might enhance the image quality.

The Galaxy S23 series is anticipated from Samsung to debut early in 2019. Over the next few months, rumors on the upcoming Galaxy flagships should start to circulate quickly. We’ll keep you informed of all the most recent device information.


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