Mobile Indian said that Xiaomi intends to launch a new sub-brand or series of gadgets aimed at tech aficionados. The newspaper cites sources that it claims have more knowledge of the situation.

A NEW SUB-BRAND OF DEVICES FROM XIAOMI COULD BE RELEASED FOR TECH ENTHUSIASTS. According to reports, this new sub-brand or line of products includes smartphones that ship with an almost stock version of Android. Also discussed were the Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series processors.

To be perfectly honest, that’s a really strange combo. In order to appeal to tech buffs, it may not be the best idea to release phones with mid-range processors. Of course, chips are not everything, and the Snapdragon 700 series processors are typically very good.

Advertisement The Snapdragon 765 SoC is rumored to power the more affordable smartphones in this series, while the Snapdragon 778 SoC will power the more expensive ones. Given that these particular chips are specified, it is likely that these devices will be released soon.

THREE IMPORTANT ANDROID OS UPDATES ARE SAID TO BE COMING FOR THOSE DEVICES. According to reports, these phones will receive three significant updates and four years of timely security patches. Even some pricing information was disclosed; it is believed that the gadgets will cost between INR15,000 ($188) and INR25,000 ($313).

Yes, it is anticipated that this new line of gadgets would debut in India, but it is also possible that it will do so soon after in other areas. This would be an interesting move because the majority of Redmi and Poco phones fall within this pricing category.

Advertisement It would appear that alternative software would make the biggest difference. While the Redmi and Poco phones have variations of Xiaomi’s MIUI veneer, these upcoming devices would run a close representation of vanilla Android.

Xiaomi now seems to think there is a gap in the enthusiast smartphone market. Why? Well, primarily because OnePlus is changing and Pixel phones are losing favor in India.

However, keep in mind that at this moment, all of this information might be regarded as a rumor.


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