The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 aren’t the only folding phones leveraging the newest technology from Samsung, so get used to it. The upcoming Oppo Find N foldable phones will utilize the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, claims Pricebaba .

It’s simple to forget that other firms also produce foldable phones with all the hoopla around the most recent Galaxy folding phones. Xiaomi is releasing a foldable phone, and Motorola just unveiled its most recent Razr phone. Due to Samsung’s ownership of the foldable phone market, there is sadly very little competition.

The newest Snapdragon SoC could be used to launch the new Oppo Find N phones. While Samsung’s foldable phones are the most well-known, other businesses have also been able to produce interesting foldables. Oppo released its debut product, the Oppo Find N, last year. Compared to the Galaxy Fold of that year, it is significantly shorter and boxier. People genuinely loved this because the exterior display was more functional.

Advertisement The business is currently working to release two new foldable phones. When they debut, they will be known as the Find N Flip and the Find N Fold. Notably, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC is anticipated to power these new Find N phones.

That chip is currently among the most potent mobile devices available for Android phones. This implies that these phones will have all the power necessary to carry out their tasks.

Information on these two phones is currently quite limited. These phones are reportedly set to go on sale in the fall. This indicates that it may debut before or directly around the release of the first Oppo Find N. That phone was first introduced in December 2021.

Advertisement As the months pass, additional details about these gadgets will become available. They should provide strong opposition to the recently introduced Galaxy Foldable phones.


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